Piers, Susanna and Dr Hilary on GMB

Piers Morgan and Dr Hilary address ‘feud’ after on-air clash

The pair argued on Good Morning Britain

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Piers Morgan and Dr Hilary were forced to deny rumours of a rift after arguing on air about the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis on Good Morning Britain.

Earlier this week, the pair had an explosive debate with Dr Hilary defending how many COVID-19 tests the government has carried out.

Piers Morgan denied there was a feud between him and Dr Hilary (Credit: ITV)

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With the government banning its ministers from appearing on GMB, it seems Piers has taken to debating with his co-presenters instead.

And the arguing continued today (May 14) with viewers taking to Twitter to call out Piers for being too hard on Dr Hilary, who pointed out that back in January no one could ‘foresee how many deaths there would be in this country’.

Dr Hilary argued with Piers on GMB (Credit: ITV)

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Vigorous debate

Piers then accused Dr Hilary of ‘defending the indefensible’ with the doctor hitting back that he wasn’t defending anyone.

“Getting a few people saying, ‘stop being so mean to Dr Hilary’,” Piers later said, looking at his phone.

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As Dr Hilary shook his head, Piers continued: “The problem is your reputation is now so angelic that people think I’m like taking a club and beating up Mother Teresa. That’s the problem.

“But actually we believe in lovely, vigorous debate here.”

What did viewers say on Twitter?

One viewer said on Twitter: “Dr Hilary was the only one speaking any sense out of the three of them but the others keep talking over him.”

“I like Piers but don’t like how he’s looking to blame people for everything this pandemic has brought to the UK. Of course there’s going to be mistakes. I actually think Dr Hilary should take his place now. A fresh voice of reason. Not all doom and gloom playing the blame game,” another added.

A third said: “Well done Dr Hilary, he even tries to bully you. @GMB bullying in the workplace is illegal and you are allowing bullying to happen not only in the workplace but also on live TV, you are a disgrace.”

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Dr Hilary is a ‘big boy’

Piers went on to reassure viewers that there wasn’t a problem between the two, saying that Dr Hilary is a ‘big boy’ and happy to take part in a ‘live debate’.

He said: “He’s got Billy big boy pants, he can take a live debate, he can take being challenged and he gives it back, we move on and we’re fine about it.”

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