Piers Morgan on GMB

Piers Morgan demands Boris Johnson take pay cut in rant over kids free school meals

Piers called for the government to help children get free school meals

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TV’s Piers Morgan has demanded Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock take pay cuts.

During Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain, the presenter discussed footballer Marcus Rashford’s campaign for free school meals for disadvantaged children through the summer. 

Piers pointed out that many footballers have taken pay cuts amid the coronavirus pandemic and thinks the government should do the same.

Piers Morgan on GMB
Piers Morgan has demanded Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock to take pay cuts (Credit: ITV)

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What did Piers say?

He said: “Who the hell did Matt Hancock think he was lecturing footballers, not prepared to follow that himself.

“He wasn’t prepared to lose a penny of his own salary. He’s been a total fiasco in this pandemic.

“We have the worst record in the world in terms of death rate.

“We have the worst approval rate by our own people here in this country for how our Government has handled it.”

Matt Hancock
Matt Hancock previously called for footballers to take salary cuts (Credit: ITV)

Piers continued: “And there he is, lecturing footballers about what they should be doing to do their bit. Well, they just did.”

Meanwhile, speaking about Marcus’ campaign, the star asked: “Why don’t you do your bit, Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson?

He wasn’t prepared to lose a penny of his own salary.

“Give Marcus Rashford a win on this very worthy and good campaign and let these hungry kids get some food for the rest of the summer. 

“That’s doing your bit. And you could also help a bit, take a pay cut.”

‘Do your bit’

Meanwhile, later in the show, Piers listed the footballers who have taken pay cuts amid the pandemic.

Piers criticised Boris Johnson for rejecting Marcus’ plea (Credit: SplashNews.com)

He said: “Footballers are doing their bit, where’s yours?

“Captain Tom raised £35million and lots of other people have raised money.

“You lecturing footballers, where’s your bit? Not a penny.

“Mr Boris Johnson rejected [Marcus’] initial appeal, why would you reject that?

“You said you would do whatever it took economically to help this country, doesn’t it stem to kids who can’t eat, who are starving?”

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In conclusion, Piers said: “Read Marcus Rashford’s letter again and do the right thing. If that isn’t a priority, then what is?

“You’ve let care homes go up in flames during this pandemic, are you going to let starving kids as well? It’s your call, Prime Minister.”

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