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Red-faced Piers Morgan APOLOGISES to Good Morning Britain guest after heated exchange

The GMB host was embarrassed after realising he'd misheard Andrew Pierce

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Piers Morgan made a shock apology on Good Morning Britain today (May 21).

The presenter was left red-faced after blasting regular contributor Andrew Pierce and raising his voice during a live video interview.

Piers Morgan GMB Andrew Pierce
Piers Morgan apologised to Andrew Pierce on GMB (Credit: ITV)

The heated exchange came after Piers asked for his thoughts on plans to increase the health immigration surcharge from £400 to £624 in October.

Attempting to answer his question, Andrew said: “I still agree that it’s right the government bring in a surcharge.

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“It’s to ensure migrants who come here for the first time to work should pay towards the NHS because it’s costing us a lot of money but…”

Piers then interrupted his guest and began shouting over him.

“But they’re paying taxes, Andrew,” he fumed.

The GMB host then ridiculed his guest, incorrectly thinking he supported Boris Johnson’s decision to further tax migrant NHS staff.

Piers Morgan GMB
The Good Morning Britain host admitted he was in the wrong (Credit: ITV)

He then mocked Andrew by asking if the prime minister was right to penalise the nurses who saved his life from coronavirus – Jenny McGee from New Zealand and Luis Pitarma from Portugal.

At that point, Andrew began to lose his temper with his tone completely changed.

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“Your’e not listening to what I said,” he vented. “Piers, you’re not listening, not for the first time, to what one of your guests is saying.

“I’m saying I do not think this surcharge should apply to people who come here and work in the NHS.

“It should apply to people who come to Britain and don’t work in the NHS but think they can get it for free”

Realising he had completely misheard his guest, Piers then made a shock apology live on Good Morning Britain.

He said: “I’m sorry. I misheard you. You’re quite right to correct me.

“I am now going to say the words I’m sorry, Andrew. I misheard you.”

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Andrew smiled after receiving the apology and then further clarified his thoughts not he matter.

While he believes there should be a surcharge for migrant workers as everyone should contribute towards the NHS, he stressed that the increase should not apply to NHS staff.

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