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Sunday 12th July 2020

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid reduce Charlotte Hawkins to tears on GMB

The show created its own Christmas advert

Charlotte Hawkins was in tears on today's Good Morning Britain as she watched an adorable Christmas advert to rival John Lewis.

Last week, the department store released their advert - which cost £7 million to make - featuring Excitable Edgar the dragon.

Now GMB has created their own emotional Christmas advert featuring a mini Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

The ad left Charlotte in tears (Credit: ITV)

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Susanna told viewers: "We wondered whether you could create an advert that had as much sentimentality and meaning and emotion and touched everyone's hearts as much as that.

"But for a much smaller budget."

The advert tells a story between a young Piers and Susanna and their friendship.

The ad featured a mini Piers and Susanna (Credit: ITV)

It shows Susanna making friends with little Piers, who has nobody to play with at school.

Their friendship then blossoms but they are torn apart when Piers has to move away.

However, Christmas brings them back together when little Susanna writes to Santa to ask him to see Piers again.

Little Susanna asked Santa if she could see her friend Piers (Credit: ITV)

The advert - which cost £80 to make - is called Taking Care of Christmas.

And it left Charlotte emotional as she was seen wiping her eyes when cameras returned to the studio.

Charlotte said: "Aw that is so sweet. Don't make a fuss!" as Piers asked: "Are you crying?! You've watched that utter load of cheese and you're crying?"

Charlotte said: "It's just two children and their friendship," before Piers cut in: "Are you suffering from the turn or something?" seemingly referring to the menopause.

The pair were finally reunited (Credit: ITV)

Susanna asked: "What's the turn?" to which Piers said: "You know, that bit when you all go a bit nuts."

As his co-stars told Piers it was actually called "the change", Piers said: "The change, the turn..."

You've watched that utter load of cheese and you're crying?

Referring to the ad, Susanna asked: "Did that not melt your heart Piers Morgan?"

Piers replied: "That's one of the cheesiest load of nonsense ever."

The John Lewis ad followed the story of Excitable Edgar the dragon, who is unable to contain his excitement for the festivities, finding it increasingly hard to control his instinct to breathe fire.

Piers was baffled as to why Charlotte was crying (Credit: ITV)

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He ruins the town's Christmas decorations, a snowman built by a group of kids and he accidentally melts an ice rink.

Worried he will ruin the Christmas festivities even further, Edgar shuts himself away.

However, his best friend Ava presents him with a Christmas pudding, which he lights up leaving the villagers happy.

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