Phillip Schofield on This Morning

Phillip Schofield branded ‘rude’ as he shouts over This Morning guest

Viewers slam the presenter for talking over a zookeeper

Viewers slammed Phillip Schofield as ‘rude’ for shouting over a guest during a live interview on This Morning.

Phil and co-presenter Holly Willoughby were talking to Dr Scott and a zookeeper from Port Lympne Safari Park.

They were discussing how the zoo is struggling financially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Phil was branded ‘rude’ for shouting over a zookeeper while he tried to talk (Credit: ITV)

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Dr Scott was holding a leafy branch during the interview and accidentally waved it in the direction of two rhinos.

The rhinos then charged over expecting to be fed.

However, Dr Scott moved the branch away so he could continue talking about the zoo’s plight.

Clearly distracted, Phil started shouting: “Give him the branch!”

Phillip Schofield on This Morning
Phil kept on shouting while Dr Scott was talking (Credit: ITV)

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Dr Scott continued discussing the problems the zoo is having while viewers at home were left fuming at Phil’s ‘rudeness’.

“Put it back! Put it back!” Phil yelled. “Give him the branch.”

Realising Dr Scott couldn’t hear his demands – or perhaps he was ignoring him, Phil then told producers: “Open my microphone!

“Open my microphone!” before turning his attention back to Dr Scott.

He shouted: “Give him the branch!”

Just when viewers thought that surely Phil would give it a rest, he continued: “You’ve just teased him, you’ve brought him back. Give him the branch!”

Holly was in fits of giggles throughout the whole debacle.

Dr Scott quite rightly finished what he had to say before eventually feeding the rhino.

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Viewers took to Twitter to moan about Phil’s behaviour with one writing: “It would’ve been nice to hear how to support the park, without Phil shouting over the top.

“So rude to the guests.”

Someone else added: “Phil mocking people and talking over their segment while trying to hear what’s being said.

“He did this yesterday with John [Torode]’s cooking segment, just plain rude pulling faces like that behind their back.”

While a third added: “Well thanks to Phil we didn’t hear a word that man was saying, talk about being rude to your guests.”

“@Schofe owes the Rhino keeper an apology for drowning out their interview.

“Please give the keeper another chance to say their piece. We want to hear what they have to say,” another viewer said.

Someone else added: “Thought that was extremely ignorant of Phil to shout and scream whilst they were trying to discuss the serious issues affecting their funding and the fate of these animals.

“I couldn’t hear a word they were saying.”

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