Phillip Schofield left in agony after on air incident with This Morning puppy and his crotch

Massive 'ouch' moment live on air

They call dogs ‘man’s best friends’, but Phillip Schofield probably wasn’t feeling too friendly towards This Morning’s resident pup after an incident on today’s programme.

The Labrador-Retriever cross – who’s called Digby – caught Scofe, 55, square in the crown jewels, causing the presenter to wince in pain.

As Phillip and his co-host Holly Willoughby, 36, came back on air after the advert break, the pooch’s lack of training in these situations soon became painfully obvious.

Though the little fella was hidden away beneath the presenters’ desk, a watery-eyed Phillip blurted out that Digby had caught him in the you-know-whats.

Holly tried to remain professional as Phillip struggled (Credit: ITV)

Trying to steady himself, he spluttered: “Ahh, do you know that puppy’s just caught me in the nads.”

Holly, to her credit, held her nerve throughout the incident, replying calmly: “I know, I noticed that. Are you OK?”

But her silver-haired colleague was clearly struggling, and as his face contorted in agony, the crew fell about laughing off-camera.

Eventually, he inhaled deeply and managed to respond: “I’m alright, yeah.”

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Poor old Scofe – Digby’s residency on the show had started so well, too.

When the dog was unveiled on Monday’s show, Phillip and Holly gushed about how cute he was, and both presenters enjoyed nuzzling his wet nose.

But clearly, it’s going to take time for the pet to get used to live studio broadcasting.

Scofe’s relationship with the pooch started well enough (Credit: ITV)

Mind you, Phillip shouldn’t have been too surprised – This Morning has previous when it comes to animal-based mishaps.

Back in July, a guide pony pooed all over the floor, sending Holly Willoughby into fits of laughter.

And in the same week, the female presenter was left cowering in terror as a crow ran amok in the studio.

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Digby – who Schofield referred to on Monday as the show’s “Fur Baby” – will eventually go into service for the Dogs For Good charity.

Until then, Scofe will be hoping the pup can keep his behaviour in check – and keep away from the presenter’s goolies.

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