Phillip plays third wheel on This Morning as Holly ‘fangirls’ over dream guest

He thinks Holly is going to be in trouble!

Phillip Schofield found himself on the sidelines today as Holly Willoughby interviewed her dream guest on This Morning.

Fans of Holly will know she’s completely obsessed with the historical time-travel show Outlander.

So when the programme’s star, Caitriona Balfe, joined her on the sofa on Tuesday, there was pretty much no need for Phillip to be there!

Phil was a bit shocked by Holly giving away spoilers! (Credit: ITV)

He adopted a faux bored / frustrated / ‘don’t know what is going on here’ look as Holly bombarded Caitriona with in-depth questions about the show that only a mega fan would understand!

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Thoroughly excited, Holly, 36, warned the viewers that “spoilers” were coming before grilling Caitriona on the series three finale and what comes next.

A surprised Phil warned Holly: “You’re going to be in so much trouble!”

Holly replied: “I’ve given a spoiler [warning] so it’s okay! This is my only opportunity!”

Phil simply said: “You will be in so much trouble!”

Outlander tells the story of a woman called Claire (played by Caitriona) who finds herself thrust 200 years back in time, where she meets a dashing Highlander.

Holly was so excited to interview Caitriona (Credit: ITV)

While Holly admitted to being utterly obsessed by the show, it was clear Phil wasn’t as enthralled.

Although, to be fair, he’s never seen it!

He said: “I will declare now, I was given the DVD the other day and I went home but because it’s before Christmas, and everything in the house breaks before Christmas, my DVD has broken. But I got a full briefing from Holly who talked me through everything.

“I have a problem with the physics in this – you go back in time 200 years and appear to be fiddling with some very serious historical issues.”

Phil was skeptical of the physics of the show (Credit: ITV)

Caitriona just laughed and said: “She does initially try to change the course of history, but as we know, I don’t think that’s a very good idea, so there are repercussions because of it.”

She added: “It’s a beautiful love story at the heart of the show. We have a lot of action and political intrigue, but the ground and heart of the show is the love story.

“They make each other better people.”

Holly was having the time of her life! (Credit: ITV)

Fans were excited to see Caitriona on This Morning – and loved Phil’s facial expressions throughout the chat!

Others jokingly told Holly off for sharing show spoilers.

Fans of Holly already knew she’s a rather big fan of the TV show Outlander.

The television presenter has used social media to gush about the historical time-travel show which also stars Sam Heughan.

Just the other week she was over the moon to receive a huge poster of handsome Sam looking all brooding in character as Highland warrior Jamie Fraser.

Instagram @hollywilloughby

Posing proudly with the poster on Instagram, she raved: “Best pressie ever! Thank you!”

Well, her fangirling and enthusiasm didn’t go unnoticed by the cast, as both Sam and Caitriona got in touch via Twitter to volunteer themselves for a This Morning interview.

Naturally Holly was TOTALLY on board!

Sam wants a Christmas pressie from Holly! (Credit: Twitter)

Sam tweeted at Holly: “What are you getting US for Xmas Holly? Any chance of a signed photo of you (and Mr S!). Better yet, why don’t we come visit This Morning…”

Holly replied: “Open invitation for whenever you can… I’m working on the present!”

She’s working on the gift! (Credit: Twitter)

Well, we can’t imagine a signed photo of her and BFF Phillip Schofield will be too difficult to arrange!

Caitriona, meanwhile, waded in to the conversation by tweeting: “Yes! Maybe we should have This Morning come visit us on set (and then I can get Holly a Claire poster !!! Ahem).”

Holly would LOVE this! (Credit: Twitter)

Holly was up for that!

“I’d love that!” she replied. “Got a feeling I may be seeing you very soon… You are wonderful and Claire… what a woman.”

Get Holly to the Outlander set, producers! (Credit: Twitter)

Outlander fans absolutely loved the trio’s exchange and urged Holly to follow through and get Sam and Caitriona on This Morning.

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Well, one Outlander dream guest down and one to go!

Will we be seeing Sam on the sofa next?!

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