Phillip and Holly threaten to walk off This Morning over game rules!

They joked the Guess The Gadget challenge didn't give the long enough!

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby jokingly threatened to walk off during a This Morning segment on Wednesday after disagreeing with the rules of a game.

The pair were pitted against each other at the end of the episode, having to guess the function of a variety of gadgets brought out by Steve Wilson.

But a frustrated Phillip, 56, and Holly, 37, disagreed with how long they had to guess!

Phil and Holly had 20 seconds to examine gadgets and guess what they were (Credit: ITV)

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The pair were given 20 seconds to wait for the gadget to come down a conveyor belt, pick it up, examine it, and write their answer on a piece of paper.

But after a few gadgets had whizzed past and guesses had been made, Phillip jokingly shouted: “There is not enough time to write stuff down! There is not enough time to inspect it!”

Phil jokingly ranted that 20 seconds wasn’t long enough! (Credit: ITV)

Phil ranted: “No, no, no! I’m sorry, no! I shall resign!”

Holly then chipped in to say: “I agree with you! I concur!”

Phillip replied: “Do you concur? We will both resign!”

Phil said he and Holly would walk off the set if the rules weren’t changed! (Credit: ITV)

Turning to Steve, who was chuckling, Phil continued: “If you don’t change the rules we will  both walk right now!

“I’m telling you right now, we both get 20 seconds to look at it then we write the answers down!”

Holly pointed out another flaw in the game was she couldn’t look at the gadget while Phil had it and vice versa, so it wasn’t fair!

Of course, it was all just banter (Credit: ITV)

Naturally, it was all in jest, and neither of them actually did walk…

But Phil’s little ‘rant’ did the trick and they got extra time for the next gadget!

And lucky for Phil, he ended the segment in the lead with three points to one, despite Holly’s pleas to guess just one more gadget and try to up her score!

Sorry, Holly!

Unfortunately for Holly, Phil won today’s game! (Credit: ITV)

Also on Wednesday’s This Morning, the telly pair interviewed Alfie Evans’ father Tom about his son’s ongoing case, spoke to Danielle Lloyd about why she and her mother are getting matching designer vaginas, and interviewed Jamie Oliver on his bid to reduce childhood obesity.

They also shared their excitement over going viral, after finding out Ellen DeGeneres had referenced them on her US chatshow.

Holly and Phil had used a psychic banana on Monday’s episode to correctly predict the sex of the royal baby, and the funny segment made headlines all across the world.

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