Philip Schofield mouths 'sorry' after Martin Lewis swears

Philip Schofield mouths ‘sorry’ as Martin Lewis swears live on This Morning

There’s ONE rule on morning TV

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Philip Schofield was left red faced on This Morning today when he had to apologise after Martin Lewis let slip a swear word in his morning finance slot.

The Money Saving Expert is famous for his passion about finance and debt, and he’s well-versed when it comes to TV appearances – so today was a shocker.

Martin was on the show to talk to Holly Willoughby and Phil about online advertising, and the pitfalls of investing in loans while under the influence of alcohol.

Philip Schofield mouths 'sorry' after Martin Lewis swears
Martin Lewis is passionately anti payday loans (Credit: ITV/This Morning)

On this occasion though he lashed out in a rant about payday loans.

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The expert even warned viewers about what was coming next, when he quipped: “Excuse the vernacular.”

He said, “There are late night gambling adverts and there were many people who – if you excuse the vernacular… people who were [bleeped] at night.”

Without pausing to take a breath he continued: “They saw [payday loans] as instant money and started to borrow when drunk… that’s not acceptable…”

Philip Schofield mouths 'sorry' after Martin Lewis swears
The trio chatted finances (credit: ITV/This Morning)

Phil and Holly were a bit taken aback, and while Martin continued chatting, Phil patiently listened before turning to the camera and mouthing the word ‘sorry’ to viewers.

A candid apology for the casual swear word, but viewers were quick to pick up on the naughty faux-pas, sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

A second added: “Did Martin just say [bleeped]!? Ofcom hello!!!!”

One viewer couldn’t believe their ears, and stated: “Did Martin Lewis just swear?”

Philip Schofield mouths 'sorry' after Martin Lewis swears
Phil mouths the word sorry (Credit: ITV/This Morning)

While another commented how ITV should fire him: “Martin Lewis swearing live on TV. Naughty. Sack him immediately.”

Another observed wryly: “The @itv swear jar must be full today four live swearing occasions across @itv daytime @GMB.”

Leaving no doubt to the reference of the earlier swearing on ITV by Sharon Osbourne.

The former X-Factor judge was invited to join Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on a star-studded panel at The Oscars, and dropped the F-bomb.

Piers jumped up with an apology, saying: “We just have to make an immediate early apology for some profanity we heard earlier.”

Being put in her place Sharon quickly replied: “I am so sorry I didn’t know we were on air.”

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