Phil Schofield reveals Dancing On Ice star took dramatic fall on first live show

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Dancing On Ice may have appeared to go off without any accidents on last night’s debut show, but one of the contestants actually took a really nasty tumble.

And we would be none the wiser it had happened if it hadn’t been for Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby revealing all on This Morning.

Phil and Holly reveal all (Credit: ITV)

According to the Dancing On Ice hosts, one of the contestants didn’t quite listen to a warning the pair gave to all of the skaters, and paid the price for it.

Rugby player Max Evans only appeared on the show last night in a segment where ALL 12 of the celebrity skaters were introduced to the public.

Just before it was filmed, Phil had issued some helpful info to them all, explaining that there would be a carpet on the ice where he and Holly would be standing.

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Philip explained: “There was a long carpet on the ice for Holly and I to walk down on, and we told all the skaters to watch out for it.

“But did everyone listen?”

Well, no is the answer.

Max Evans fall Dancing On Ice (Credit: ITV)
Going (Credit: ITV)

Max caught his skate on the edge of the carpet and took off in a Superman stylee as he flew arms first onto the ice.

max Evans fall 2 Dancing On ice (Credit: ITV)
Going (Credit: ITV)

Whilst everyone around Max appeared in shock, Philip can be heard saying: “What did I say?”

Gone! Max ends up on his tummy (Credit: ITV)

A more concerned Holly asked: “Oh my god, are you okay?”

Max then got up and told everybody he was fine.

Max Evans OK (Credit: ITV)
Reassuring the crowd he’s OK (Credit: ITV)

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As they watched a slow motion video of the trip on This Morning, Philip unhelpfully added: “You can’t skate on carpet!”

Holly went on to say “He did well though – he lands on his hands not his knees, because it sounded behind… that clonk on cold ice is not fun. Thankfully he’s fine.”

Max Evans and Ale Izquierdo (Credit: ITV)
Max with professional skater Ale Izquierdo (Credit: ITV)

Max, 34, will be skating for his life with professional skater Ale Izquierdo on this Sunday’s show.

The person with the least amount of points will go into the skate-off with Bake Off star Candice Brown, who finished bottom with 13 points last night.

Hopefully this time he will have no falls!