boris johnson peppa pig

Peppa Pig mishap by Boris Johnson gives This Morning stars the giggles

And viewers are distinctly unimpressed!

Boris Johnson and his Peppa Pig World gaffe gave Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield and Vanessa Feltz the giggles on This Morning today (November 23).

The trio were discussing the day’s news and landed upon Boris’s latest bumbling speech.

boris johnson peppa pig
Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby laughed as Vanessa spoke about Boris Johnson and his Peppa Pig comments (Credit: ITV)

What did Boris Johnson say about Peppa Pig?

During a speech earlier this week, the PM appeared to lose his place and thus ensued an awkward silence.

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He filled it by shuffling sheets of paper and muttering “blast it”, before saying “forgive me” to the crowd.

Boris then bizarrely said that he’d been to Peppa Pig World with his wife and son over the weekend and it was “very much my kind of place”.

How did Holly, Phil and Vanessa react?

The trio giggled as they introduced the segment and showed a clip of the speech.

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Vanessa said: “Actually, it spoke to me as a grandma, he’s really been there, we all want to jump in muddy puddles, who doesn’t.

“He did manage, because he’s Boris, to finesse it into a business type analogy, and that is genius, rather than a reporter asking if there’s anything wrong with him.”

Phil also declared that it was “hilarious”.

Vanessa then declared: “Everyone’s allowed to have a bad day and he was just having a bad day.”

boris johnson peppa pig
This Morning viewers were unimpressed by Vanessa’s defence of the PM (Credit: ITV)

How did This Morning viewers react?

Well, the hosts and guest Vanessa didn’t fare well on Twitter.

One said: “Vanessa Feltz making excuses for Bojo is embarrassing. Just another This Morning ‘expert’ with questionable expertise.”

Middle class Vanessa, Phil & Holly all defending Boris. What a shock!” declared another.

Holly, Phil and Vanessa Feltz trying to make us feel sorry for poor misunderstood Boris eh?” said a third.

Vanessa being super woke. How can she even defend Boris? Ridiculous,” said another.

“He’s meant to be the Prime Minister! And this wasn’t an ‘off day’, his complete incompetence is his EVERY day,” declared another angry viewer.

Vanessa Feltz trying to defend #JohnsonOut on #ThisMorning regarding his speech, with Schofield & Willoughby guffawing in agreement,” another added.

Oh Vanessa stop defending the indefensible!” another pleaded.

These clowns on #ThisMorning laughing at Boris – imagine if that was Keir. I imagine they’d be saying it was unprofessional but because it’s Boris it’s hilarious,” another slammed.

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