OPINION: Paul O’Grady’s Saturday Line Up bumped back for football is an outrage

Paul O'Grady's Saturday Night Line Up is getting bumped back to 10pm

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Ahh. There’s nothing like a Saturday night in front of the box after a long  week, is there – like, at the moment, Paul O’Grady’s Saturday Line Up.

Especially now the nights are getting colder and darker and venturing outside is a lot less appealing.

How much do we love putting on some cosy pjs and ordering a takeaway, while we put our feet up and get ready to relax in front of our favourite show?

Only to discover that it’s now on three entire hours later because FOOTBALL.

England match Euro 2020
Less of this on a Saturday night please (Credit: ITV/YouTube

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The casualty this time – a little Saturday night TV Easter egg there for you – is Paul O’Grady’s Saturday Night Line Up, which has been pushed back to 10pm so ITV can air a football match.

Okay, maybe I’m not being fair here. It’s quite an important game apparently – a World Cup Qualifier against Andorra.

And yes, I totally get that many, many people will be wanting to watch.

And yes, I understand that time differences in other countries mean sometimes matches are played at times outside of the usual Saturday 3pm slot.

But why do our favourite entertainment shows have to pay the price?

Paul O'Grady Saturday Night Line-Up
It’s a late night for Paul and his guests this week (Credit: ITV)

There are literally hundreds of other channels out there. This isn’t the 90s anymore. I hear there are even whole channels dedicated to sport.

So what’s up with schedulers always moving  stuff around to make room for footie?

At least Saturday Night Line Up is still airing though. Soap fans have had to put up with their favourites being completely binned off so 22 men can run around a field and spit on the ground.

Saturday daytimes are for footie. That’s the law. And if it isn’t it should be. 3pm until Final Score. Saturday evenings are about entertainment.

Well, until Match of the Day.

Saturday night entertainment shows are an institution. They have been since the 70s when The Generation Game first burst onto our screens.

They continued to be a touchstone for family bonding throughout the 80s and 90s.

Joe Swash and Joe Brand
This is what we want to see (Credit: ITV)

Who remembers the epic line-up of Baywatch, Gladiators and Blind Date?

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These days Saturday evenings are the stomping grounds of Ant and Dec, Paul O’Grady and Bradley Walsh.

Gareth Southgate and his boys have no place here. Soz, G-man.

It’s not that I dislike football. I got quite excited about the Euros this year. While I’m obviously no pundit, one thing I did pick up on is that watching football is not a relaxing thing to do.

It’s actually very stressful. I mean, those penalties for example. My blood pressure cannot cope with that level of stress on a Saturday night.

My blood pressure needs to see Joe Swash and Jo Brand judged by the public. That is literally its Saturday night stress limit. I need to be able to sleep.

Southgate comforts Saka after missed penalty
This is too stressful for a Saturday night (Credit: BBC/YouTube)

So please, TV schedulers, think of my poor, already stressed-to-the-max nervous system next time you mess with Saturday night viewing.

But good luck England. Hope you do some goals.

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