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Paul O’Grady: Fans in tears as penguin is put down on Animal Orphans

Viewers were devastated

Paul O’Grady had fans in tears last night over a penguin who had to be put down.

The For The Love Of Dogs favourite, 65, is back on our screens as ITV is airing repeats of his show Animal Orphans.

paul o'grady penguin
A penguin on Paul O’Grady’s Animal Orphans had viewers in bits (Credit: ITV)

What happened with the penguin on Paul O’Grady’s Animal Orphans?

Wednesday (August 12) evening’s episode featured Stevie, a blind penguin brought in to Sanccob rescue centre after he was found wandering alone.

His rescuers quickly saw something was wrong, as he would swim in circles, looking lost, whenever he went into the water with the other penguins.

Stevie, they realised, was blind. It meant he wouldn’t be able to fend for himself if they were to release him back into the wild.

paul o'grady penguin
Stevie was blind and unable to fend for himself in the wild (Credit: ITV)

What’s worse, the other penguins would bully him because he was obviously behaving differently to them.

In the end, the programme revealed that Stevie’s carers made the heartbreaking decision to have him put to sleep.

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Paul said: “Stevie can’t stay at Sanccob. There’s no room for him to have a pen of his own.

“The vet is going to have to put Stevie to sleep. It’s really hard to hear for an animal lover like me, but I understand. Sanccob’s role is to save a species and not just an individual.”

Paul then said to the penguin: “You just go to sleep, don’t worry about anything. Good boy… I’ve got to go now, Stevie. It was lovely meeting you, even if it was for a short period.”

He continued: “This is the harsh reality of conservation. Sometimes difficult decisions have to be make.”

paul o'grady penguin
The other penguins bullied Stevie, meaning the sanctuary had no room for him (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers say about it?

It had those watching at home in pieces.

One said on Twitter: “#animalorphans surely Stevie the penguin could have been sent to another sanctuary to be cared for? #animalorphans #poganimalorphans.”

Another wrote, alongside crying face emojis: “Omg Stevie #PaulOGrady #animalorphans.”

Poor Stevie.

A third tweeted: “Currently blubbing over Stevie, a blind penguin being put to sleep on Paul O’Grady’s #animalorphans.”

Someone else said tearfully: “Oh no, poor Stevie.”

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“Oh, Stevie,” said another, using a broken heart emoji.

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