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Paul Hollywood Eats Japan viewers divided over ‘ignorant’ comments

His comments about bread in Japan made many cringe

Paul Hollywood Eats Japan has left viewers divided after the baker made comments about bread in Japan.

The Great British Bake Off judge also got a world-renowned Michelin-starred Japanese raman chef to eat a Pot Noodle.

What is the concept of Paul Hollywood Eats Japan?

The show is billed as Paul travelling round the country finding out the importance of food in Japanese culture.

But he soon had fans hitting out after he commented: “Japan does make me nervous because it’s all rice and noodles, isn’t it?

“They don’t do bread, they don’t do cakes!”

Paul Hollywood Eats Japan left viewers unimpressed (Credit: Channel 4)

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Paul later stood in a Japanese bakery and marvelled at all the goods on offer, once again claiming he’d assumed Japan was just a “rice-based culture”.

The baker was also unable to use chopsticks. His guide, Kilara, told him to stop pointing with the eating implements because it was “rude”.

She was further unimpressed when he stabbed the food with the sticks, saying: “It’s childish. You’re like a five year old.”

Later in the show he swapped a beautifully created bowl of raman noodles by famous chef, Saito, for a Pot Noodle.

The Pot Noodle was not a hit (Credit: Channel 4)

He also made a faux paus when he tried to open some tinned bread outside. It is bad etiquette to eat in the street.

Fans watching the show said Paul was ’embarrassing’ Britons and called him ‘ignorant’.

What did they say?

Did anyone like it?

However, some thought the show was fun and felt enlightened by it.

How many episodes are there of Paul Hollywood Eats Japan?

Paul Hollywood Eats Japan will be back next week (Credit: Channel 4)

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This series has two more episodes left to screen.

Next week Paul will travel to Hiroshima where he’ll get a cookery lesson in one of the world’s smallest restaurants from a survivor of the atomic bomb.

He’ll also attend a rice festival and eat a buffet on a bullet train.

Paul Hollywood Eats Japan continues on Tuesday, May 5 at 9pm on Channel 4.

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