Pam St Clement has viewers in stitches as she pokes fun at Pat Butcher’s earrings

The EastEnders legend's jewellery was epic

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Gone to Pot has been the telly HIGH-light of the autumn so far. By turns educational, emotional and hilarious, the documentary is exploring marijuana use in a really revealing way.

In case you’ve missed out so far, the premise is simple. Five beloved TV celebrities have been driving around the USA in a hippy bus, learning about marijuana.

Officially, their interest is in whether marijuana should be legalised for medical use.

Gone to Pot – TV Gold (Credit: ITV)

But of course, they’re happy to try a bit as well – be it in a brownie, smoked or taken through a bong.

And in last night’s episode, Pam St Clement, who played Pat Butcher in EastEnders, had viewers in hysterics with a cheeky reference to her soap past.

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While starring in ‘Enders, the character of Pat was known for two things. The first was her gravelly voice, and the second was her oversized earrings.

The giant pieces of costume jewellery were a staple part of her iconic look for her quarter-century on the show.

The stars raided a marijuana farm with police (Credit: ITV)

And last night, during a raid on a weed farm, she grabbed two marijuana buds that were hanging from a weed.

She held them up to her ears, let out a cackle then said: “Mary Jane earrings!” in reference to her famous look.

Pam’s “Mary Jane” earrings (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were loving the Pat reference, and flooded Twitter with comments.

One wrote: “Pat Butcher pretending to wear weed as earrings has made my day.”

And another said: “Finally, the Pat Butcher earrings.”

Elsewhere in the show, Bobby George and Christopher Biggins unfortunately overdid it on edible marijuana.

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Bobby had his face in a sick bag, and Biggins had to be put to bed early! Remember guys, even if it’s legal – enjoy responsibly!

Gone to Pot concludes this Friday on ITV at 9pm.