“Painkillers made me gay!” Viewers slam “deluded” This Morning guest

Dr Ranj dismissed Scott's claims as nonsense

A man has been branded “deluded” and a “fame-seeker” after claiming he has become gay from taking painkillers.

Scott Purdy, 23, said on ITV’s This Morning his sexuality changed when he started taking Pregablin for a broken foot suffered in a go-karting accident.

Viewers reacted with a mix of hilarity, scorn and anger at the astonishing suggestion — and the show’s resident medic Dr Ranj, who is also gay, dismissed it, telling him: “I’ve been on Pregablin myself. I’m sorry to say it didn’t make me gayer.”

Scott receives Dr Ranj’s opinion (Credit: ITV)

Scott insisted that before he was hospitalised for a month with the injury, he was straight and enjoyed dating women.

He said he lost his sexual attraction to women and broke up with his girlfriend when a GP prescribed the medication earlier this year, just days before Scott realised he was suddenly attracted to men.

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“I broke my foot in 2012 and, up until this year, I was taking codeine and tramadol, but they started to make me feel sick,” he said.

“So that’s when they prescribed me Pregablin and I’ve been taking that since early February.”

Phil and Holly hear Scott’s story (Credit: ITV)

Scott told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby he started finding men attractive just four or five days after starting the pills and began to distance himself from his then girlfriend.

“I started giving her fewer cuddles, less attention, and all I craved and wanted was male attention.

“I stopped all medication and as soon as that happened, my sexual attraction towards my girlfriend went back up.

“But the pain started building up in my foot, so I started taking my painkillers again.

“I’m really happy now. The fear is if I stop taking it, I’ll go back to what I was, but I don’t want to do that.

“I had no desires for men. It happened so recently and so out of the blue.”

This Morning resident medic Dr Ranj (Credit: ITV)

Asked if painkillers could turn someone gay, Dr Ranj said: “In very simple terms I’m going to say no.”

He said one side-effect of Pregablin was that it could change a person’s sexual desire but not which sex they found attractive.

Dr Ranj told Scott: “What it probably does is allow you to express what was already there.  That’s my professional opinion.

“All it has done is allow you to be your true self. This has given you permission to be who you are.”

Viewers overwhelmingly rejected Scott’s claims and branded him an “insult to gay people”.

One posted on Twitter: “‘My painkillers turned me gay’ is just insulting. Dont give attention seeking deluded [bleeps] like this the time of day.”

Another said: “This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. You can’t choose to be gay or turn gay. It’s who you are. You’re born that way. Nothing more to be said.”

In This Morning’s studio today (Credit: (ITV)

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