Samantha Fox on Page 3: The Naked Truth

Page 3: The Naked Truth viewers stunned as Samantha Fox reveals comments about her breasts when she was a child

She said it made her cry

Channel 4 viewers were shocked and disgusted last night when former Page 3 model Samantha Fox revealed comments she received about her body while she was still a child.

Samantha, 54, was a Page 3 girl from 1983 – when she was just 16 years old – until 1986.

Speaking on the documentary Page 3: The Naked Truth, which aired on Thursday (June 18) evening, she said that before her debut as a glamour model, her uncle had “teased” her about her body.

What happened on the programme?

Samantha Fox on Page 3: The Naked Truth
Samantha Fox was a Page 3 girl from 1983 to 1986 (Credit: Channel 4)

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She said he “made [her] cry” by commenting on her breasts and calling them “bee stings”.

The programme explained: “Sam’s sophisticated look [on Page 3] was different from her childhood, as a tomboy on a council estate in Islington.”

Sam then said: “Being that kid with glasses and a goofy pair of teeth and no boobs until I was 15. It’s kind of like I bloomed, you know?

Samantha Fox on Page 3: The Naked Truth
Sam said her uncle used to tease her for her “bee sting” breasts (Credit: Channel 4)

“It’s like, even my uncle used to call me ‘bee stings’ and made me cry. And then, when he saw them in the paper he was gobsmacked.

“He used to say, ‘Oh Carol [Samantha’s mum], look at her little bee stings’. He used to take the mick out of me because I didn’t have any boobs.”

Reacting on Twitter, viewers were stunned and sickened.

What did viewers say?

Samantha Fox on Page 3: The Naked Truth
Viewers at home were disgusted (Credit: Channel 4)

One demanded, with a nauseated emoji: “Why was Samantha Fox’s uncle even looking at her [boobs]?”

Another said, shocked: “#page3 Why did Sam Fox’s uncle comment on her boobs?! Bee stings?! #Page3thenakedtruth.”

A third agreed, writing alongside a vomiting emoji: “That’s what I thought.”

Aghast at this Page 3 programme.

Someone else said: “Sam Fox’s uncle ‘teasing’ her on the size of her boobs when she was 15! [Bleeping] hell.”

A fifth tweeted: “Just flicked on #page3… I can’t believe what I’m seeing. An uncle commenting on his niece’s breasts…”

Another put: “Aghast at this Page 3 programme, uncles commenting on their nieces’ [bleeps].”

– Page 3: The Naked Truth is available to watch now on All 4

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