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OPINION: Love Island, shame on you for bringing back Adam Collard

The man shouldn't be rewarded for his awful behaviour with more exposure!

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So Love Island is bringing season four contestant Adam Collard back into the villa tonight (Monday, July 11 2022).

Currently the ITV2 reality show is halfway through its eighth series and it’s fair to say it’s been an explosive season.

And producers are really trying to push things with this latest twist.

For the first time they’ve decided to bring in a contestant from a past series.

And they’ve chosen Adam Collard. Walking red flag magnet Adam Collard!

Adam broke a few hearts when he was last in the Love Island villa (Credit: ITV)

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Love Island: Why bringing back Adam Collard is a terrible idea

Why, why, why, why, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

I’m certainly not the only Love Island fan who’s non-plussed (RAGING) that the show is giving Adam Collard another chance in the villa.

Any why? Where to start! Bringing back a former contestant isn’t a good idea in itself, but there are many, many reasons why bringing back Adam in particular sucks.

His behaviour was nothing short of disgusting.

For those of you who didn’t watch series four of Love Island, which aired in 2018, Adam was first coupled up with Kendall Rae-Knight.

But he quickly coupled up with Rosie Williams when she walked into the villa and the two became very close.

However when another new girl Zara McDermott came in, Adam turned his head. Again.

Rosie was devastated when Adam seemingly began ignoring her – and an explosive argument broke out.

Adam moved on to Zara but – surprise, surprise – in Casa Amor he ended up meeting Darylle.

Things didn’t last long with Darylle and he was dumped from the island just a few days later.

Not before time. Not before a huge amount of damage was done – to the girls, but also in allowing a man to behave in such a way towards women on the show.

His behaviour was stinking. Will he have changed into a better man in the past four years? It’s hardly likely THIS would be the reason he’s being brought back…

As if the lads this year need any assistance in the toxic, dismissive treatment of the women either.

What exactly is the show trying to do? If it thinks highlighting such behaviour is a good way to get us talking about how wrong it is… hmmm, excuse my scepticism.

I wager far more men will be wanting to slap the backs of the badly behaved guys this year than those who see the error of their ways.

Bad move Love Island! (Credit: ITV)

And it seems like Adam’s only been brought in to stir up trouble and not to actually find love.

If they had to bring back someone, I would’ve picked a contestant who was actually really loved by viewers *cough* Ovie Soko.

Love Island 2022 contestants posing in their swimwear holding flags
Bringing in old cast members is just lazy! (Credit: ITV)

Do not bring in past contestants

I don’t think the show should be bringing back any former contestants.

Many past Love Island stars have made good careers for themselves, why do they need to come back?

There are thousands people who apply for the show every year. Picking someone who has been on the show before just seems lazy.

It also backs up what people say about Love Island just picking people who are already well-known.

And Love Island producers, if you REALLY need to bring back a past contestant, bring back someone to help with hosting on the show.

I’ve been saying for years that Maura Higgins could be a great Love Island presenter.

Just think about it.

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