naughty boy I'm a celeb

OPINION: It’s no great loss if Naughty Boy quits I’m A Celeb – he’s a moaner who the camp will end up carrying

He's bringing down all our moods!

Naughty Boy has threatened to quit I’m A Celeb and I for one hope it isn’t an empty threat.

In the three episodes of I’m A Celebrity that have aired so far all we’ve seen is him moaning, whining and feeling sorry for himself.

After all the misery we’ve had with COVID, we really don’t need that on our screens disguised as “light entertainment”.

naughty boy I'm a celeb
Naughty Boy has threatened to leave the I’m A Celeb castle (Credit: ITV)

So will Naughty Boy quit I’m A Celeb?

Do us all a favour Moany Boy and stick to your word – you’ve talked the talk, time to walk that walk tonight.

Except I really don’t think he will.

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The celebs in there are pandering to him at the moment, oh you did so well, we know you tried, it’ll be okay.

But they’ll soon get sick of carrying him, emotionally and in terms of the extra attention he’ll doubtless need in camp.

There are actually people struggling to eat and keep a roof over their heads post-pandemic, and he’s basically crying because he didn’t win a digestive?

His fans and followers have said he’s understandably worried about his mum, who sadly has dementia, and that’s what’s affecting his stay in the castle.

But much like those who signed up for Strictly when they weren’t really able to commit, should he have agreed to do the show if he was going through such turmoil at home?

naughty boy I'm a celeb
He took part in two trials last night (Credit: ITV)

Tensions rising… Naughty needs to get a grip

We’ve already seen early signs of tensions between Naughty Boy and Danny Miller and camp hunk David Ginola.

Naughty snapped at the two of them when they were trying to boost his confidence ahead of his second trial of the day.

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I’m not entirely sure what he thought he was signing up for – did he think he was off to a holiday camp, with hot running water and electricity behind the scenes?

It’s a competition where people are pitted against each other, a metaphor for life, some might say.

The other campmates spotted a sign of weakness and of course they went for it and picked him for the Bushtucker Trial.

He’d have done the same if the shoe had been on the other foot – and he basically admitted as much to David when he told him he wouldn’t be considering leaving if he’d have won the task.

naughty boy I'm a celeb
He snapped at David Ginola when he tried to lift his spirits (Credit: ITV)

If he doesn’t walk, we’ll vote him out!

If he stays (for the sake of his fee) then surely he’ll be the first celeb voted out.

We’ve all been hungry, we’ve all been cold, but we’ve not all thrown our toys out of the pram and declared we were quitting.

His negativity has even caused the lovely Arlene Phillips to admit she’s good to go too.

As the show’s oldest ever contestant, sleeping on a concrete floor in the cold must be tough.

Naughty needs to stop bringing the Strictly legend down.

Walk if you want, just stop prattling on about it, and don’t you dare take Arlene with you.

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight (November 24) at 9pm on ITV.

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