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OPINION: Bradley Walsh is so overexposed – it’s time to give up-and-coming presenters a chance

He's on two shows at the same time tonight

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Bradley Walsh fans will doubtless be squealing with delight tonight (October 2) as he hosts not one but two game shows.

On not one but two channels.

Now, I’m well aware that Bradley‘s loyal army of fans will doubtless be baying for my blood when I say this.

But I think he’s so overexposed and it’s time to give new talent a chance.

Bradley Walsh star of The Larkins
Blankety Blank, hosted by Bradley Walsh, returns tonight (Credit: BBC)

Bradley Walsh is so overexposed – it’s time for a change

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Bradley. And I’d rather see him on our screens than Ant and Dec (well, Ant at least).

I love The Chase and Beat the Chasers and I can’t wait to see him in The Larkins.

But turn on a telly and he’s on it lately.

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The reboot of Blankety Blank is on BBC One tonight – starting half hour into Beat the Chasers, also hosted by Bradley, on ITV.

So Saturday night TV options, on terrestrial at least, are pretty limited if you’re not a fan of his cheeky chappy demeanour.

Bradley Walsh
He’s also on Beat the Chasers at the same time (Credit: ITV)

Give new stars a chance to shine

Maybe I’m wrong and he is Mr Saturday Night, but shows like I’m A Celebrity and Strictly Come Dancing are helping to flush out new talent.

And isn’t it about time that one of these young stars were given a shot at the big time?

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Jordan North and AJ Odudu were good enough for ITV and the BBC when it came to reality shows.

Why not let them showcase their presenting talents to a wider audience – especially as their stars are clearly on the rise now.

It takes so long for a new face to break through and there are so many shows to go round.

Why can’t someone new be trusted with a big prime-time Saturday night show, just once.

I bet it would work – it would be fresh, exciting, people would tune in just like they did when The Big Breakfast got a brief reboot.

Bradley Walsh
He’ll soon be on screen in The Larkins (Credit: ITV)

In the words of Taylor Swift, shake it up!

It’s easy to fall back on the likes of Bradley, Ant and Dec and Holly Willoughby when you’re throwing big money at a new TV show.

All I’m saying is it’s getting a bit boring having the same familiar faces on TV all the time. And at the same time on two different channels.

Imagine if Bradley Walsh was the football and it was shown prime-time Saturday night on BBC One and ITV.

Week after week.

There would be uproar.

Bradley is, without doubt, a great presenter. But with The Larkins, Breaking Dad and his gameshows – including Take Off with Holly – surely his bank balance has been boosted enough.

Does he want to appear on ALL THE SHOWS?

It’s time for TV bosses to spread the wealth. And give us viewers some bright new talent who’ll make us fall back in love with Saturday night TV.

Blankety Blank is on BBC One at 9pm tonight. Beat the Chasers is on at 8.30pm on ITV.

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