Is Breaking Dad with Bradley and Barney Walsh becoming too dangerous?

OPINION: Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad is getting too dangerous and should focus on why we love it

Get back to baiscs, lads

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Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad returned to ITV with a new series tonight (Monday, January 17).

And, as ever, the father-and-son team travelled to a new location to get stuck into some adventures.

It might be just me but, as entertaining as Brad and Barney are (and they are, very), the tasks are becoming more and more dangerous.

And that’s not fun anymore.

Bradley Walsh and his son Barney on Breaking Dad
Brad and Barns are back (Credit: ITV)

Is Breaking Dad on ITV becoming too dangerous?

In tonight’s episode, the dynamic duo was in Croatia to kick off their latest tour around Europe.

They took to their trusty RV to seek out some of the country’s off-the-beaten tourist traps.

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First they visited a uniquely designed football stadium, where Barns thought it’d be a good idea to dangle from a rope from the top of the roof.

Bradley didn’t look impressed – neither before or during. In fact, he looked as white as a sheet.

“I’ve got a serious problem with it,” he grimaced.

A free-fall, 70-metre rope swing? Not for us.

Is Breaking Dad with Bradley and Barney Walsh becoming too dangerous?
Bradley had a go at aqua-biking (Credit: ITV)

What else did Bradley attempt in Breaking Dad on ITV?

Next on their list of adventures was aqua-biking.

But then it was time for something altogether more dangerous.

He and Barney tried their hand at free diving – the highly skilled practice of diving without any breathing apparatus.

It takes specialised training to dive to the depths that some free divers do, and it was no surprise that Brad struggled.

And, with him actually struggling to breathe, our hearts were in our mouths.

No wonder he had to abandon the task. In fact, it’s not the first time he couldn’t complete a task, through no fault of his own.

Is Breaking Dad with Bradley and Barney Walsh becoming too dangerous?
Bradley at the rodeo (Credit: ITV)

Remember the rodeo?

It’s certainly not the first time Bradley has taken a deep breath and faced his fears.

But is it all getting a bit too dangerous?

In the first two series, the adventures were fun but over the course of the episodes, things have become dicier and dicier.

Who can forget Brad spending a night in hospital after a rodeo injury in series two?

Or the bungee jumping, or throwing himself out of a plane?

Or paragliding over an Italian lake?

What did viewers say about the tasks?

In the Christmas special that aired in December 2021, he was up and down a glacier and down an ice hole.

Dangerous stuff.

In fact, some viewers picked up on the increased danger element of the show.

One viewer on Twitter said: “Needs to be careful Bradley he’s getting [too] old for this stuff… could snap a hip.”

Another added: “That looks so dangerous. Poor Brad.”

Bradley W
Can we just focus more on the banter between father and son? (Credit: ITV)

Focus on the fun stuff

The series continues to showcase Brad and Barney’s lovely father-and-son relationship.

I just wish there was even more of it without the scary stuff.

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I get it – it’s all about adventure and pushing themselves. But the tasks seem to be getting more and more dangerous.

There’s no fun in watching that, especially when Brad is frequently putting himself in harm’s way.

My opinion? Focus on the quirky, fun adventures and the dynamic between father and son.

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