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Thursday 14th November 2019

Ofcom delivers ruling over complaints about "vagina" bake

It left a bad taste for some viewers

Russell Brand’s show-stopping "vagina" cookie creation for The Great Celebrity Bake Off  For Stand Up To Cancer has narrowly avoided an Ofcom investigation after viewers complained.

The 43-year-old comedian and actor created a 3D biscuit scene of "his finest performance" in tribute to the birth of his second child when he appeared on the show last month.

Russell's biscuit showstopper (Credit: Channel 4 / YouTube)

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While the unique creation left judges and his fellow contestants Jon Lythgoe, John Richardson and Hannah Cockroft in stitches, some viewers thought his bake, which aired on Channel 4 in March, lacked taste.

A celebration of womanhood Germaine Greer would have approved of.

The broadcasting regulator received 11 complaints from viewers. Ofcom revealed that it had assessed the complaints, but had chosen not to investigate.

All of Russell's bakes went down well with the judges (Credit: Channel 4 / YouTube)

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The regulator ruled that Russell’s references were "light-hearted" and were mainly aired after the watershed.

An Ofcom spokeswoman said: "We considered a small number of complaints about comments in this charity baking competition.

"In our view, the remarks were light-hearted and not sexually explicit."

The judges couldn't stop laughing at Russell's biscuits (Credit: Channel 4 / YouTube)

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Sharing his showstopper, which depicted a birthing pool, his wife and even a mini placenta, Russell explained to Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith that it was "commemorating in the medium of biscuit the birth of my second daughter where I actuated the role of father".

He explained: "The female plays an integral role in the process of childbirth. That's why it was a good performance because of my acceptance in a secondary role."

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The judges were so impressed Russell was crowned Star Baker with Prue labelling his cookies "a celebration of womanhood Germaine Greer would have approved of."

The Great British Bake Off returns to Channel 4 later this year. There is also an opportunity for young bakers who want to get involved who can currently apply for the Great Junior Bake Off

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