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Everything coming to NOW in June 2021: From David Schwimmer in Intelligence 2 to Prodigal Son

Any excuse to spend more time on the sofa.

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Calling all movie lovers and telly addicts! NOW in June has more than enough to keep you glued to your sofas.

Who needs a social life when you’ve got some good comedies to binge watch?

From original comedies to hard-hitting documentaries about the downfall of ISIS, there really is something for everyone as we head into summer.

Here’s everything coming up this month…

Intelligence series 2
The boys are back in Intelligence 2 (Picture: Sky)

What TV shows are coming to NOW in June?

Intelligence season 2 – (Available in full from June 8th)

Despite their jobs, there’s nothing intelligent about Jerry and Joseph – two bumbling National Security workers with a habit of causing chaos.

In the latest series, agent Jerry has been tasked with battling Russian cyberweapons, while Joseph is just trying to sort out his love life.

Friends’ David Schwimmer and Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed lead the cast of the series.

Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son is back for a second series (Credit: Fox)

Prodigal Son season 2 – (Streaming weekly from June 9th) 

The legendary Michael Sheen stars as a twisted convicted serial killer in this gripping thriller.

Tom Payne, of Walking Dead fame, plays his son, Matthew Bright, a criminal psychologist who is forced to bond with his father in a bid to solve a string of murder cases.

But are they more alike than Matthew would like to believe…?

Betty season 2 – (Streaming weekly from June 22nd)

Betty follows a diverse group of young women navigating their lives through the predominantly male-oriented world of skateboarding.

Set against the backdrop of New York City, Betty stars Dede Lovelace, Moonbear, Nina Moran, Ajani Russell, and Rachelle Vinberg.

What documentaries will be released?

Liverpool Narcos delves deep into the world of the 1980s drugs scene (Credit: NOW)

Liverpool Narcos (June 3rd) 

The story of the 1980s drugs boom, with its epicentre in Liverpool, which turned dealing into a multi-billion-pound business.

The film has access to some of the biggest criminal players, and will reveal how drugs went mainstream both in the city and across the country.

The Return: Life After ISIS (June 15th) 

Shamima Begum and Hoda Muthana both speak out in this hard-hitting documentary about life in ISIS.

Making global headlines when they left their countries as teenagers to join ISIS in 2015, the pair discuss what happened to them and why they want to return hom.

The Return shines light on the personal journeys of those trapped in Syria after the fall of ISIS.

Draw with Will (June 21st) 

World famous comic book artist Will Sliney teaches viewers the secrets to drawing childhood favourites.

Definitely something for the kids on a rainy day, the characters include the likes of the iconic Spongebob Squarepants.

The New Mutants
The New Mutants are ready for action (Credit: NOW)

What films are arriving on NOW in June?

The New Mutants (June 4th) 

The long-troubled release of The New Mutants clouded the release when it first came out – but now you can finally see what the fuss is about.

The X-Men spin off stars Game Of Thrones’ Maisie Williams, Split’s Anya Taylor-Joy and Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton.

Five teenage mutants – Mirage, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Sunspot and Magik -undergo treatments at a secret institution that will cure them of their dangerous powers.

The Comeback Trail (June 19th) 

Starring Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones and Zach Braff.

Two movie producers who owe money to the mob set up their ageing movie star for an insurance scam to try and save themselves.

Jurassic Park
Good luck getting the theme song out of your head (Credit: Universal)

Jurassic Park Collection (June 19th)

The absolutely iconic Jurassic Park movies, all five of them, will be coming to the service this month.

Set in a dinosaur theme park, the story follows the fantastical world as things start going horribly awry.

Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Laura Dern and Sam Neill lead the cast.

Kindred (June 25th) 

Kindred is a psychological thriller about a vulnerable mother-to-be who is taken in by her recently deceased boyfriend’s mother and stepson.

However, they soon seem increasingly obsessed with her every move…

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