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No Return viewers issue plea to ITV after disappointing ending

Could there be a return after all?

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ITV drama No Return starring Sheridan Smith came to a dramatic conclusion last night (Monday 28 February).

Fans finally found out the fate of teenager Noah, who was facing accusations of sexual assault during a family holiday in Turkey.

There are some spoilers ahead, so if you’ve not caught up yet, stop reading.

Noah No Return ITV
Noah’s fate was revealed in ITV drama No Return (Credit: ITV)

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His desperate parents, Kathy and Martin Powell (played by Sheridan and Michael Jibson), were battling a corrupt judicial system to get him free.

The fourth and final episode showed Noah face an unsympathetic judge as his case finally reached trial.

Was Noah found guilty in ITV drama No Return?

Noah – played by Louis Ashbourne Serkis – stunned the court as he asked to have his say about what 15-year-old Milo was accusing him of.

He bravely revealed how Milo’s mum had called her son during a heated sexual encounter.

Noah explained that Milo had spat at him, looking at him with hate, following their hook-up.

Following some tense moments as the judges considered the verdict, they did not find Noah guilty of sexual assault.

No Return ITV
The family awaited Noah’s verdict (Credit: ITV)

Unfortunately, because Milo is only 15, a crime was still committed in Turkish law. Kathy was hysterical as the judge sentenced him to three years in prison.

There was a final twist, however, when the judge explained the sentence would be suspended and Noah was free.

Will there be a second series?

However, fans think there were still too many loose ends left and have wondered if there is another series planned.

One fan wrote: “How bloody brilliant was No Return? Yes a few unanswered questions but I’m hoping that’s because there is a second series planned.”

Another agreed, adding: “So many questions left and that wasn’t a happy ending.”

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Most social media fans, however, don’t want more.

While I don’t think there should be another series (unless, like The Syndicate, it has different cast and plot), #NoReturn was very good.

“Sheridan Smith is superb, but star of the final episode was definitely the kid who played Noah,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “Well #NoReturn was extremely anticlimactic. Four weeks of my life wasted.”

Another added: “Hopefully No Return means exactly that and we won’t be getting an even more ridiculous second series.”

“Certainly hope not,” another viewer replied. “It’s boring predictable [bleep]!”

Another wrote: “Could have easily been done over 2 episodes but it got there in the end.”

And another mused: “If people want a second series of #NoReturn then what will they call it?”

All episodes of No Return are available now to watch on ITV Hub

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