Nightmare Tenant Slum Landlords Alan and Paul

Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords: Pensioner Alan has viewers offering help after his own son betrays him

He had to pay his son's rent arrears

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Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords left viewers heartbroken last night as it featured an 89-year-old man stitched up by his own son.

During the first episode of the Channel 5 documentary‘s new series, aired on Wednesday (February 17) evening, pensioner Alan revealed how his son had secured him as a guarantor on his rent – and then refused to pay.

Paul’s heart broke for Alan on Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords (Credit: Britespark Films / Channel 5)

Alan’s heartache on Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords

He said: “[My son told me] ‘I’m not prepared to pay, mind your own [bleeping] business, you’re a complete [bleep]’.

“I felt like my world had come to an end.”

Alan’s son owed £1,100 in rent arrears. But that figure risked going up and putting Alan even more out of pocket.

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Sitting with Paul Ainsworth-Lord, from the letting agency that looked after his son’s property, Alan got emotional as he realised the full extent of the situation.

Alan had to pay his son’s rent arrears (Credit: Britespark Films / Channel 5)

Son’s betrayal

He said: “‘I’m in a mess, can you be a guarantor for me…’, he said ‘I won’t let you down dad’. We’ve been alright and all of a sudden, this.”

Paul said: “The old guy is terrified by what’s happening to him.

“The tight sod, I can’t believe the lad’s done that to him.”

Alan explained: “I’m going to have to mortgage my pension to pay this off. I have no capital, I’ve just got the pension coming in… I don’t want him back. I’m ready to break down, I can’t hold it back much longer.”

He then burst into tears and revealed: “I haven’t cried since my wife died.”

I would love to help him if I could, just wish I had the money.

Paul, heartbroken, said: “For him to break down in tears and tell me the last time he cried was nearly 20 years ago when his wife died, I felt bad, I felt awful.”

Later, Paul and Alan went to the property and found his son had left a load of belongings, which meant the property couldn’t be immediately let out to someone else, which would get Alan off the hook.

As a result, he risked seeing the arrears double. All he could afford was £100 a month out of his pension, which he agreed to pay.

Paul branded Alan’s son a “cold-hearted swine”.

Paul and Alan visited the property and found it full of his son’s belongings (Credit: Britespark Films / Channel 5)

What did Channel 5 viewers say?

And on Twitter, it seems viewers felt the same way.

A number even offered to help Alan out financially.

One said: “Just watching on plus 1 Channel 5 and crying my eyes out for Alan, he reminds me of my dad #NightmareTenants.”

Another tweeted: “Hi @ALEproperty if Alan the 90-year-old man from Nightmare Tenants on Channel 5 still has outstanding money from what his son left, I would like to pay it off for him. #channel5 #nightmaretenants.”

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A third wrote: “Hi I have just watched the show and I am also willing to help Alan, if you could contact me I would also like to help.”

A fourth put: “My heart is breaking for Alan on #NightmareTenantsSlumLandlords I would love to help him if I could, just wish I had the money.”

A fifth said on Twitter: “#nightmaretenantsslumlandlords I feel so sorry for 90-year-old Alan, having to pay off his son’s rent arrears. Absolutely awful.”

Someone else tweeted: “Poor Alan on #NightmareTenantsslumlandlords I will actually give him £100 if there’s a way.”

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