Night Stalker on Netflix: Six podcasts about killer Richard Ramirez to check out after the TV series

Netflix's latest true-crime series is available now

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Night Stalker is on Netflix, giving viewers an insight into serial killer Richard Ramirez but there are also lots of podcasts if you want an even more indepth insight.

Ramirez, nicknamed The Night Stalker, murdered men, women and children in 1984 and ’85 and claimed the lives of more than a dozen victims.

Netflix’s new series is spread across just four episodes, so if you find you end up finishing it in a couple of nights, here are six podcasts you can listen to and learn more about Ramirez and his campaign of terror.

Richard Ramirez terrorised Los Angeles in the mid-1980s (Credit: Netfli /YouTube)

Best Richard Ramirez podcasts as Night Stalker hits Netflix UK

Last Podcast on the Left

Last Podcast on the Left discussed Richard Ramirez in episode 110. Aside from serial killers, they also cover a range of real-world horrors, from cults to reports of demons and other matters of the macabre.

Hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski post as many as two episodes per week. The show is available on Spotify.


The Richard Ramirez Dissected episode is number five, season one.

Dissected focuses on the mind of the killer, so could be good for psychology buffs.

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Unfortunately there haven’t been any new episodes for a couple of years, but the Night Stalker episode and others are still available to listen to on Spotify and other popular podcast platforms.

There are also episodes about killers David Berkowitz, Gary Ridgway and others.

The Night Stalker claimed more than a dozen lives (Credit: Photo by Shutterstock)

True CrimeCast

True CrimeCast, hosted by pals John and Jamie, covered Richard Ramirez in December.

New episodes are out every Tuesday, with more recent instalments covering the murder of teenager Martha Moxley, and Samuel Little, who claimed to have killed as many as 93 people.

True CrimeCast is available on multiple platforms, including Stitcher.

This is Awful

This podcast’s hosts are husband and wife duo Alison – the more true-crime obsessed of the couple – and Trevor. They discussed Richard Ramirez in November and the episode is still available on Google Podcasts and elsewhere.

It can be a light-hearted show for one covering a subject as dark as serial killers, as they sometimes have their kids on for some ‘crime’ talk.

This is Awful usually releases one episode per week.

The Netflix series is just four episodes long (Credit: Real Crime / YouTube)

Night Stalker and other killers explored

Crack House Chronicles

Crack House Chronicles covered The Night Stalker across three episodes last year.

Hosts Donnie and Dale also talk about mysteries, with recent instalments covering the disappearances of Jennifer Kesse and Haleigh Cummings.

Their show is available on Spotify, Stitcher and other podcast platforms, releasing new episodes around three times a month.

The Serialholic

David Jarry is the host of The Serialholic, a show aiming to bring killers’ ‘twisted tales to life’.

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There haven’t been any new episodes since last year, but you can still go and catch the Richard Ramirez episode on Apple Podcasts and other places.

David has also covered killers such as Marybeth Tinning, Ivan Milat and Richard Kuklinski.

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