Nicole Scherzinger hits back at Louis Walsh’s outrageous claims

He's in trouble

Louis Walsh has gotten himself into some hot water with his friend and X Factor colleague Nicole Scherzinger. Are you that surprised?

Nicole isn’t happy after Louis accused her of covering up her real age and saying she’s younger than she actually is. But despite him insisting he was only joking, she’s responded to his claims.

©Thames / Syco Entertainment
Louis and Nicole are both judges on The X Factor this year (Credit: Thames/Syco)

The former Pussycat Dolls singer is 39 years old but yesterday Louis said she is lying about her age and is “older than she says she is.”

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The comments that sparked the little argument were in Heat magazine as Louis explained: “She may be out really late the night before filming but she’s still on it.

“It’s great that she can still do all of it at her age. Nobody knows what age she is, but she’s older than she says she is.

Credit: Instagram
Nicole hit back at Louis’ claims she’s been lying about her age (Credit: Instagram)

“That shows how well we can get on. I can say things like that.” Well you might be friends Louis but Nicole isn’t happy that you have added years to her age.

Nicole took a swipe back at Louis as she told The Sun: “I wish I was lying about my age, I have never lied about my age.

“I should have started lying a long time ago.”

Credit: Instagram
No matter how old or young she is she looks incredible (Credit: Instagram)

She then seemed to take a jab at him when she said: “I’m just really grateful that Louis is still with us, really grateful.” Ouch!

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No matter what age she is she looks absolutely stunning and has been pictured on holiday recently flaunting her incredible bikini body.

She shared some of her holiday snaps last month where she is seen lounging on the beach and having a splash in the sea with some friends.