Nicola Rubinstein returned to Coronation Street and apologised to evil Phelan!

But was she being totally sincere...?

There can’t be many soap characters who enjoy better luck than Coronation Street’s evil Pat Phelan.

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The Corrie killer has already bumped off Andy Carver and Luke Britton, and he’s responsible for the death of Vinny Ashford, who he forced Andy to kill.

Last week it looked like his luck was running out when Seb Franklin stood up in court and told everyone that Phelan had forced him to lie about Anna Windass, but Phelan still found a way out.

Earlier this week, Anna was found guilty of GBH and sentenced to five years in prison while murdering Phelan remained free to roam the streets.

Poor Anna even told everyone in the court that Phelan had made fools of them all, but it seems that the soap baddie’s luck is about to change.

Phelan’s pregnant daughter, Nicola Rubenstein (played by Nicola Thorp), returned to the cobbles last night having heard of Anna’s guilty verdict.

She apologised to her dad for doubting him and even stood up for him in front of Gary, the man whose child she is carrying.

“Dad’s done nothing wrong, your mum is the guilty one,” she told him.

Phelan thought it was his latest slice of luck, but, when Nicola told her dad she was going to talk to Gary for the sake of their unborn baby, her plan became clear.

Taking Gary to her flat, she revealed that she was harbouring Seb, who Gary believed had fallen prey to Phelan.

Seb revealed that he had told Nicola everything and that she believed her dad was evil and that something had to be done to stop him.

“I’m his weakest link, the one person he wants to trust more than anyone else,” she told Gary.

“I play the prodigal daughter, reunited with her dad. I convince him that I’m totally on his side and don’t believe a word that his crazy neighbours say.

“I’ll have access to his home, office, his computer. I’m the only one that can do that. He’d never hurt me or his grandchild.”

A gobsmacked Gary listened to the plan unfold in front of him before Nicola returned to her Dad’s place to carry on with the scheme.

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“I managed to smooth things over with him,” she told Phelan. “He wont be giving us any more trouble.”

Viewers loved the twist and jumped on social media to look forward to the villain’s demise.

“This is a piece of demonstration for Pat Phelan’s inevitable comeuppance,” said one fan, while another predicted Nicola was hiding something from Pat: “She knows Phelan is evil. She’s gonna help bring him down #Corrie.”

And a third added: “Oooh I’ve got a phelan that daddy’s little girl is going to be causing some serious trouble!”

It certainly seems like the crafty killer is about to be out- smarted by his own daughter, but will justice finally catch up with Phelan or are there even more twists to come?

Coronation Street continues Monday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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