Next week’s Corrie in 19 shocking pictures

A special delivery and the return of an old face mean dramatic scenes in Corrie

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It’s another dramatic week in Weatherfield as Nicola is rushed to hospital and Gary tracks Phelan down to a campsite in Wales.


Abi starts work at the garage and Fiz is jealous of her and Tyrone’s bond.

Eileen gets a shock when she learns a man called Pat ordered a clearance of her house.

Michelle is shocked when Robert suffers chest pains.

She calls an ambulance as he collapses in agony.


Josh is rattled to hear that Shona has been asking about him at his old gym.

Shona tracks down Dec and learns Josh has raped before.

Gary is suspicious when Nicola shows him a message from her new online friend.

Rana pleads with Zeedan to change his mind about leaving.

Zeedan makes it clear his mind is made up.

Ryan arrives back in Weathefield and offers to organise Robert’s stag.

Hope tells Fiz when she sees Abi kiss Tyrone and tells him how much she loves her new boss.

Ali and Ryan clash at Robert’s stag.


Nicola has a horror fall down the stairs.

David Platt is livid after Josh drips poison into Max’s ear.

Nicola is told she’ll need an emergency C-section.

Will Nicola and the baby both make it?

Gary and Joe head off to Wales on Phelan’s trail.

Gary spots Phelan alive and well on a campsite.

Alya demands to know what’s going on with David and Shona from Josh.

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