Next week’s Corrie in 15 new pics

It's a life changing week on the cobbles


Daniel talks to Sally about Flora living in a substandard council care home

Toyah and Peter proudly introduce baby Susie to their friends and family

Toyah is uncomfortable as Aidan makes an attempt to hold Susie

David tries to break up with Emma

Eva is surprised when Aidan arrives at the cottage and apologises to her


Carla and Johnny are concerned when Aidan doesn’t arrive for work

Johnny is left devastated to discover Aidan has taken his own life

Jenny tries to console Johnny over Aidan’s death

David is due in court for his plea hearing


Shona confronts Josh and tells him she knows he raped David

The Connors close ranks as the terrible truth sinks in

Josh makes a move on Alya and she leads him to the bedroom

Eva returns and tells Toyah she can see Aidan in baby Susie

Johnny grills Toyah and Eva about Aidan’s movements the night he killed himself

Adam is horrified to find Flora living in his flat

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