Never Have I Ever - Fabiola and Eve

Never Have I Ever’s Lee Rodriguez talks hopes for Fabiola’s future with Eve

These two are melting hearts in the new season.

Never Have I Ever’s Lee Rodriguez has shared her hopes for Fabiola and Eve in the future. 

Fabiola has been coming to terms with her sexuality over the past two seasons, falling for the cool and chic Eve and starting a relationship.

However, as a proud and certified robotics nerd, she found herself struggling to fit in in season two, feeling like she had to act a certain way in order to be accepted by the queer community in her school. 

Thankfully, in the series finale, she realised the best way to do that was to be herself, embracing her geeky side and telling Eve that she loved her. 

Never Have I Ever - Fabiola
Fabiola is figuring out where she fits in at high school (Credit: Netflix)

Speaking to, actress Lee said that she hopes this sets up a positive future for Fabiola going forward. 

“I want to see her more comfortable, I want to see her in her element and see what her relationship with Eve looks like,” she said. “Them hanging out, what they do, going on a date, I would love to see more of that.”

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“Some people think after you come out everything is just easier but you know, reality is you’re ever-evolving as a person, you’re ever discovering yourself, especially in high school,’ she added.

“So I feel like it was such a relatable story to tell that you don’t really see a lot. I feel like a lot of people will resonate with it.”

Never Have I Ever - Fabiola and Eve
Fabiola’s mum has been eager to show her approval (Credit: Netflix)

Will there be a season 3?

Currently, there are no announcements for Never Have I Ever season 3.

However, Netflix tends to wait at least 28 days before making any confirmations about the future of any series.

But things do look positive, with the series reaching number one in multiple countries within days of its release.

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Mindy Kaling confirmed the show was the number one most viewed Netflix show in at least 18 countries – including the US, India, Germany, Brazil and Italy.

Will we find out what happened after the school dance? Here’s hoping.

Never Have I Ever season 2 is available now on Netflix. 

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