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Neighbours SPOILER: Piper ruins everything in the run up to Tyler’s murder trial 

Will the Brennan brother be found guilty of murder?

Just when things couldn’t get any worse for murder suspect Tyler Brennan – his girlfriend Piper Willis is set to accidentally sabotage his upcoming trial.

After being charged for the murder of his estranged dad, Hamish Roche, Tyler is staring down the barrel of spending the rest of his days in prison – and it looks like Piper is about to put the final nail in his coffin.

Credit: Channel 5
Piper is devastated when she releases she’s made things worse for Tyler (Credit: Channel 5)

With it looking increasingly likely her boyfriend will be going to prison for a very long time, Piper is getting desperate.

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Thinking of any way she can get his sentence reduced, she comes up with the plan to paint her boyfriend in a more positive light and records a new ‘Pipe Up’ vlog.

Despite the fact her past experiences with online video posting hasn’t been the most successful, shall we say, somehow Piper thinks this is the perfect way to get Ty’s sentence reduced.

Credit: Channel 5
Piper shows mum Terese what the trolls have been saying online (Credit: Channel 5)

As she records the new video, loyal Piper films footage of her friends and family all singing the murder suspect’s praises.

For a moment it looks like her plan might actually work when lots of people post positive comments in response.

Channel 5
Piper and Tyler are devastated about the fact they could be separated if Ty goes to prison (Credit: Channel 5)

But this soon changes when trolls get involved, making their thoughts on the matter very clear indeed.

Trouble erupts when particularly vile troll posts an old video of Piper complaining about Tyler’s attack on enemy T-Bone – which is the last thing Tyler wants people reminded about.

Credit: Channel 5
Everyone’s shocked that Piper’s plan backfired so badly (Credit: Channel 5)

And just to add insult to injury, scandalous newspaper the West Waratah Star soon covers the story on their website – meaning Piper’s old video is out there for everyone to see. Including potential jurors.

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Piper is devastated that she has made things even worse for her other half – with everyone now thinking he’s been hiding a violent past.

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Tyler is number one suspect for Hamish’s murder – but will he go to jail? (Credit: Channel 5)

With the court case looming, things aren’t looking good for Tyler. Could this latest setback mean he’s about to be found guilty of a murder he didn’t commit?

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