Neighbours SPOILER: Is Karl Kennedy CHEATING on Susan?

What exactly is he up to with Courtney in her spa?

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Eek. Neighbours legend Susan Kennedy fears her hubby, co-legend Karl Kennedy, is up to something rather seedy as his regular massages at the Lassisters Spa fuel speculation.

Is Dr Karl up to no good at the spa? (Credit: C5)

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Suse’s suspicions are piqued as Karl keep disappearing off for sessions with Courtney Grixti – and then discovers he’s been leaving her outrageous tips as well.

Yeah. It doesn’t look great, does it?

Karl, who isn’t known for his generosity, is decidedly cagey when Susan questions him over his actions.

Susan isn’t alone in her suspicions either. Dipi Rebecchi finds herself in the exact same situation when Karl recommends Courtney to Shane.

The women are left wondering exactly why Courtney is so popular with her male clients. As you can imagine, there are a LOT of rumours going around.

Courtney certainly is popular with her male clients (Credit: C5)

Susan and Dipi decide the only option is to refuse their husbands their conjugal rights until they stop seeing Courtney.

Things get even worse for Karl when he’s spotted leaving the salon, half-naked with a box of tissues, by Sheila Canning.

The women believe beyond doubt that Courtney is providing a little more than your typical massage service. Blimey, not your usual Ramsey Street fodder.

Sheila is quick to tell Susan, Dipi, Terese and Gary exactly what she’s seen.

Not that we’re calling her a gossip or anything.

At first, everyone assumes that Sheila has got the wrong end of the stick – but it soon becomes clear that she might actually be on to something.

Will Courtney’s reputation be in tatters? (Credit: C5)

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We’re guessing there will probably be an innocent explanation – although we can’t for our lives think what it could be – but will the gossip already have done too much damage?

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