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Monday 25th May 2020

Neighbours legend Annie Jones reveals everything about her return to Ramsay Street

It's been 30 years since we saw Plain Jane Superbrain in Erinsborough!

Neighbours legend Annie Jones is returning to her role as Jane Harris - aka Plain Jane Superbrain - for the first time in three decades.

Iconic Jane, who was in Neighbours back in the 80s with the likes of Kylie Minogue who played Charlene Robinson, Jason Donovan who played Scott Robinson and Guy Pearce who is better known as Mike Young, will arrive in Ramsay Street next week - and ED! caught up with actress Annie to find out more...

Annie Jones is thrilled to be returning to Ramsay Street (Credit: Channel 5)

"In a way it feels like I've never been away - but then so much has changed. Technology is obviously different and they have also got a swanky new green room.

The world of TV is also in HD these days so you can see every wrinkle!"

Kylie spends so much time in the UK and is so busy that we don't get to catch up very often.

It might have been 30 years since Annie last filmed on Ramsay Street, but she has still managed to keep in touch with the one remaining cast member who was on the show back in 1989 when we last saw Jane Harris - and that's Stefan Dennis!

Annie starred alongside Kylie Minogue more than 30 years ago (Credit: Fremantle Media)

The Neighbours favourite plays Paul Robinson, and long-standing soap fans will be thrilled to know that Paul and Jane have got some great scenes coming up...

"I stayed in touch with Stefan over the years - and I'm very much firm friends with Fiona Corke who played his wife Gail Robinson on the soap. That is a friendship that has remained - we were thick as theives back in the day, and we still are."

Jane got her nickname Plain Jane Superbrain for being studious (Credit: Fremantle Media)

But sadly when it comes to the likes of Kylie and Jason, it seems careers have got in the way of friendship... "Kylie spends so much time in the UK and is so busy that we don't get to catch up very often. I touch base with Guy Pearce every now and then, though."

Since leaving Ramsay Street Annie has been juggling looking after her mother with her TV career: "I've been carer for my mother for 15 years, she unfortunately had Alzheimer's and so I couldn't commit to a long term part in a show.

Aside from some brief appearances for anniversaries, this is the first time we have seen Annie back in Ramsay Street (Credit: Channel 5)

"I did some stints in shows like Wentworth where you can shoot all your scenes in one day, which is unsatisfying for an actor. I wanted a role I could get my teeth into."

And Annie has certainly been thrown into the deep end when it comes to filming at Neighbours: "What better place than Neighbours to sharpen my acting skills again?

Jane is said to have some unfinished business in Ramsay Street (Credit: Channel 5)

"You're shooting six episodes a week and so have got to be so on the ball. Neighbours is also so familiar though - it's like getting home and having a nice warm cup of tea!"

And surprisingly it is Annie who approached Neighbours bosses about coming back to the role that launched her career...

"I let them know I was keen to come back and threw a few storyline ideas their way. They thought they were good and here we are. I'm back for a good run for now, and then who knows what might happen in the future."

Jane makes her return on Friday next week (Credit: Channel 5)

And the last 30 years for Jane haven't been that dissimilar to Annie's: "In a case of life imitating art, Jane has also been caring for her sick grandmother, Mrs Mangle all this time in London.

"After being a carer after all these years, she is now back with some unfinished business."

We can't wait!

Watch Annie's return to Neighbours on Friday 6th April at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5. 

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