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Naked Attraction viewers stunned as woman compares contestants’ bodies to her sisters

She couldn't choose them

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Viewers were stunned last night when a woman on Channel 4’s Naked Attraction was reminded of her sister when appraising the contestants’ bodies.

During Wednesday (July 1) evening’s repeat episode, Bethany was on the programme looking for her first ever girlfriend.

What happened on the episode?

Bethany on Naked Attraction
Bethany was on Naked Attraction looking for her first girlfriend (Credit: Channel 4)

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When the contestants’ upper halves were revealed to her, Bethany decided to get rid of the person behind the pink screen.

“Maybe because she reminds me of my sister,” she explained to host Anna Richardson. “In a really lovely way, I think my sister has the most beautiful body. Especially for my first time to have a date with a woman, I don’t want to be reminded of my sister.”

Naked Attraction
Pink reminded Bethany too much of her sister (Credit: Channel 4)

Later, she sent home blue and said: “This is going to sound ridiculous, but she reminds me slightly of my other sister. I need something a little… extra different, for me.”

Presenter Anna asked, astounded: “Just so I can check, are there any other members of your family here?”

How did viewers react?

Bethany on Naked Attraction
Bethany left host Anna Richardson gobsmacked (Credit: Channel 4)

Reacting on Twitter, one shocked viewer wrote: “WTF. Reminds her of another sister? How unlucky can you get #nakedattraction.”

Another tweeted: “#nakedattraction she’s a bit obsessed with her sister…”

Of all the things to say about a woman’s naked body.

A third put, “[Bleeping] hell, she reminds her of her other sister. She’s definitely making this up #nakedattraction” and said in another tweet: “Pink’s [bleeps] remind her of her sister’s? OK chief. #nakedattraction.”

“Of all the things to say about a woman’s naked body, ‘She reminds me of my sister’,” cringed a fourth.

Naked Attraction
Blue also reminded Bethany of her sister (Credit: Channel 4)

Funniest moment

Someone else said: “Why Pink? ‘Maybe because she reminds me of my sister’. That’s the funniest moment of my day #nakedattraction.”

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“Reminds her of her sister #nakedattraction,” tweeted a sixth, with a shocked face emoji.

“She reminds me of my sister WTF?” said one Channel 4 viewer, adding: “How do you know… #nakedattraction.”

Another put: “Watching Naked Attraction and this woman has given two women the boot because they look like her sisters. How many times does she see her sisters naked? #nakedattraction.”

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