Naked Attraction contestant walks off set after seeing vaginas

Naked Attraction contestant walks off set after becoming flustered in the face of six vaginas

Needed to be consoled by producers after becoming overwhelmed

A Naked Attraction contestant will make history next week when he becomes the first person to walk off the show.

Brian, 23, from Kent will surprise everyone when he becomes flustered at the sight of all the vaginas laid out before him.

He explains to host Anna Richardson that he “needs a moment” on next week’s new series opener.

What happens on Naked Attraction?

A self-proclaimed virgin, Brian has to choose a potential date from the naked women in front of him.

During the episode, he also admits that he’s never seen a naked woman before.

From a promo clip of the incident, it’s clear he becomes flustered when presented with the six women and their vaginas.

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Host Anna, 50, senses something is wrong and asks: “Are you okay Brian? You look like you’re about to faint, Brian.”

Brian responded: “‘Sorry, I need a moment.”

What happened next to Brian?

Looking more agitated by the second, he asks Anna again if he can have a “little moment”.

“‘Of course you can!’ she reassures him, but Brian replies: “Apologies. Yeah, I need to think.”

Go and have five minutes love.

“Go and have five minutes love,” a concerned Anna says.

It’s then that Brian walks off-set to gather his thoughts.

Anna explained that to the Daily Mail that he “had to be consoled by producers” and that he eventually came back onto the set.

Judith on Naked Attraction
Judith shocked Anne on Naked Attraction (Credit: Channel 4)

What else has happened on Naked Attraction in the past?

The naked dating show has always provided plenty of controversy and unexpected moments.

Viewers were shocked earlier this year when a 57-year-old woman admitted she enjoyed putting clotted cream on her vagina.

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Keen baker Judith from Warwickshire said that she loves introducing cream into the bedroom.

“There is nothing better than having this at my vagina,” she told a shocked Anna and her potential dates.

Naked Attraction returns to Channel 4 on Tuesday November 10 at 10.25pm

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