Leanne on Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction: Contestant Leanne likens herself to Princess Diana

Host Anna Richardson put it down to her blue eyes

Naked Attraction contestant Leanne stunned viewers last night by comparing herself to Princess Diana.

The former dentist, from Australia, said she was interested in younger men – but wouldn’t rule out a relationship with someone her own age.

Naked Attraction introduced viewers to retired dentist Leanne (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Leanne say on Naked Attraction?

The 54-year-old, who lives in Folkestone, Kent, said: “I enjoyed a successful career as a dentist in Australia. I was married for 35 years and divorced six years ago.”

Speaking further, Leanne said that she only “discovered” her sexuality after separating from her husband.

On Naked Attraction, Leanne said people think she looks like Princess Diana (Credit: Channel 4)

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She explained: “Since being divorced, it’s like I’ve discovered my sexuality and become a little more sexual. I’ve also found out that I quite like being naked.”

Later in the episode, host Anna Richardson said: “You have, as I understand it, a celebrity lookalike comparison?”

Leanne told her: “I have had Princess Diana.”

Anna agreed: “It’s the big blue eyes, the demure smile.”

Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson agreed there was a resemblance (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Channel 4 viewers think?

But on Twitter, Channel 4 viewers really struggled to see the resemblance.

One said, shocked: “Watching #nakedattraction and she said Diana!? Sorry but no way.”

Another tweeted: “Contestant reckons she has a look of Princess Diana. Nope, not at all! #NakedAttraction.”

Watching Naked Attraction and she said Diana!? Sorry but no way.

A third said, with a head-shaking GIF: “People think I’m Princess Diana…”

A fourth wrote, stunned: “Diana?! She’s out of order. #NakedAttraction.”

Someone else asked: “Did she just say she thinks she looks like Princess Diana?! #NakedAttraction.”


New series of Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction returned to screens with all-new episodes last week.

During the first instalment in the series, one contestant shocked viewers when he had to flee the set.

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Brian, a 23-year-old virgin, stepped off screen after the sight of so many vaginas overwhelmed him.

During the same episode, another contestant, Shaida, caused a stir on social media with a “rude” comment she made to one of the male hopefuls.

Naked Attraction Shaida episode (Credit: Channel 4)

After the show revealed all the contestants’ faces, she likened one of them to the Disney character Dumbo because of his ears.

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