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Naga Munchetty divides BBC Breakfast viewers over ‘rude’ MP chat

The presenter came under fire today

Naga Munchetty has divided BBC Breakfast viewers following an interview with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

During today’s show (April 9), the Conservative MP appeared to discuss the new traffic light system for travelling abroad.

According to plans, travel destinations will be ranked green, amber or red according to virus risk.

Naga Munchetty divided BBC Breakfast viewers as she spoke to Grant Shapps (Credit: BBC)

BBC Breakfast: What did Naga Munchetty say?

Furthermore, tourists will have to pay £120 for a PCR test.

Speaking to Mr Shapps about the new system, Naga pressed for an answer on whether the MP agreed with the cost.

At one point, the presenter interrupted Mr Shapps.

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Naga, 46, said: “Indeed, I will push you on this but what do you think is a reasonable cost for this?”

Mr Shapps replied: “I wish there wasn’t any cost at all.”

Meanwhile, Naga fired back: “But there is, isn’t there? That’s the nature of the pandemic.”

Transport Secretary on BBC Breakfast
The Transport Secretary appeared on the show today (Credit: BBC)

Towards the end of the chat, Naga also appeared to cut the conversation short.

She stated: “I’m very mindful of time sorry Grant Shapps.”

However, some viewers believed Naga’s approach was slightly “rude”.

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How did viewers react?

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Naga Munchetty has just spent the whole of her interview with Grant Shapps interrupting him. It is so rude and off putting for the viewers. We can’t get the jist of what he is trying to tell us. Pointless interview.”

A second said: “Once more driven to screaming at the TV by Naga Munchetty’s ‘questioning’ of Grant Schapps. Same (pointless) question over and over, no listening to answer. Only likes sound of her own voice.”

A third added: “The point of an interview is to HEAR what the interviewee has to SAY – not interrupt before he finishes a point or impose HER ignorant view over what he has to say.”

Another complained: “Is she trying to become the female version of old Piers [Morgan].”

Meanwhile, others praised Naga for challenging the MP.

“She is only trying to get at the facts,” one shared, while another wrote: “Glad she’s holding our corrupt politicians to account.”

She is only trying to get at the facts

It comes shortly after Naga and co-host Charlie Stayt caused controversy following an interview with Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick.

At the end of their chat, Charlie made a joke about the size of Jenrick’s Union Jack flag.

Viewers were quick to complain, and a group of MPs wrote to the head of the BBC demanding the pair apologised.

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