Naga Munchetty smiling on A Question of Sport

Naga Munchetty under fire over her appearance on A Question of Sport

The BBC Breakfast presenter swapped news for sport

Naga Munchetty made a surprise appearance on A Question of Sport last night (May 20).

BBC Breakfast anchor Naga joined Olympian Sam Quek‘s team on the BBC One sporting panel show.

However, after she was introduced by host Paddy McGuinness, fans of the show took to Twitter with one similar complaint.

Naga Munchetty smiling on A Question of Sport
Naga Munchetty was a surprise addition to Sam Quek’s team on A Question of Sport last night (Credit: BBC)

Naga Munchetty on A Question of Sport

A Question of Sport usually welcomes stars from the world of sport, so some viewers were surprised to see Naga there.

Naga, however, has been a print and TV journalist ever since she graduated university.

So what exactly was she doing on the show, many asked?

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“What sport did she compete in?” asked one.

Another took exception to Naga’s competitor on the quiz show.

Naga is not a sports person just as McGuinness is not a sports host.

“Since when are Naga and Jordan North sports personalities?” they asked.

“Naga is not a sports person just as McGuinness is not a sports host,” said another die-hard fan of presenter Paddy.

Just put @QuestionofSport on for the 1st time on yonks…….. Naga Munchetty & Jordan North as a guests….. how to ruin a once great show,” another declared.

“Paddy McGuinness presenting and the move to non sports people as guests is killing it,” said another.

The star was also disappointed by the result of the show given that she ended up being on the losing team.

Naga Munchetty holding her head in her hands
Competitive Naga wasn’t best pleased with her team’s performance (Credit: ITV)

Naga’s sporting credentials explained

Not everyone felt the same though, with some loving seeing Naga out of her natural news environment.

After all, she is a keen golfer and runner and is pretty well abreast of all news due to her BBC Breakfast role.

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“Nice surprise to see you on Question of Sport Naga,” said one.

Paddy also explained Naga’s sporting credentials.

He described her as a “journalist who loves her golf so much, her specialist subject on Mastermind was the Ryder Cup”.

Haters gonna hate, eh Naga!

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