Nadiya Hussain’s school hell after racist bullies flushed her head down the toilet

Parts of her life have been difficult

Nadiya Hussain was tormented by racist bullies who flushed her head down the toilet.

Nadiya has suffered panic attacks and featured in a BBC documentary called Anxiety and Me.

But she is determined to enjoy the busy career she’s built since her Bake Off triumph, despite the scars.

Happily, Nadiya is back on our screens in the latest airing of Nadiya’s American Adventure on Saturday.

The Bake Off star spoke out on Anxiety and Me (Credit YouTube/BBC)

Nadiya Hussain bravely shared her story after Bake Off

Nadiya spoke about the bullying in a 2019 documentary.

And in she recalled a terrifying incident where other school children targeted her.

Anxiety is probably one of the most lonely, most isolating things.

She said: “It reminds me of that moment when I was hiding under the sink and my head was flushed down the toilets.

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“I still have that memory of the water going up my nose and knowing that if they don’t pull me up now I am going to drown with my head in this toilet.”

Nadiya was diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD during the making of the show and had CBT to help.

At the time Nadiya said: “Why am I making this documentary? Because I’m selfish.

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“Because I want to get better.

“And partly because I know that having anxiety is probably one of the most lonely, most isolating things to have because you are your own worst enemy.”

Nadiya Hussein
Nadiya Hussain has created an amazing career (Credit YouTube)

Nadiya is rocking her glittering new career

She was the winner of The Great British Bake Off in  2015.

As a result, her career as a TV chef and author has sky-rocketed.

The British-Bangladeshi mum-of-three has written a string of books.

Furthermore, she is also a well-established TV chef and presenter.

What’s happening in Nadiya’s American Adventure?

In the latest American Adventure, Nadiya travels to Louisiana and California and makes peanut-butter and jelly tiffins.

She also samples Guatemalan and Salvadoran food and learns to make Chinese fortune cookies.

Nadiya’s American Adventure continues on Saturday at 12pm on BBC2.

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