Nadia Sawalha shock reason why she has to wear make-up

Viewers gasp as star posts Instagram pic

Those Loose Women stars seem to have a knack for shocking viewers at home – but Nadia Sawalha showed today that she doesn’t need her buddies around her to leave people aghast.

Taking to the Instagram page she shares with her Loose Women colleague Kaye Adams, the 53-year-old star shared a picture that appeared to show her with a black eye.

However, she explained that the unsightly swelling was actually caused by an ALLERGY, and heaped praise on the stylists who are able to cover it up before she goes on air.

Nadia Sawalha & Kaye Adams/Instagram
Nadia showed off the swellings on social media (Credit: Nadia Sawalha & Kaye Adams/Instagram)

The Londoner wrote: “Allergic reaction again! The truth under my @loosewomen make-up! Our make-up artists are geniuses!”

And some of her followers seemed shocked by the revelation, hurrying to offer their sympathy.

One gasped: “Ohh no! That looks horrific @nadiaandkaye – do you know what caused it? Xx.”

Another soothed: “Don’t get many people showing there [sic] problems – well dun u. I also don’t go anywhere without my make-up.”

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And a third wrote: “Also endorses what a great actress you are, because that must be really painful.”

Nadia’s Nanny Thelma – her husband Mark Adderley’s grandmother – passed away last month aged 94, and one of her fans wondered if that might’ve been a reason why her allergy has flared up.

You’d never know she had the problem from watching her on the show (Credit: ITV)

They wrote: “It cud be from stress, Nadia – my dad passed away 3 yrs ago and I’ve developed a skin rash that won’t go away ever since. I think grief cud be the cause – just a thought xxxx.”

Nadia and Kaye are best pals, and after Nanny Thelma’s passing, Kaye posted a video message on Twitter in which she offered her deepest condolences.

Nadia Sawalha/Twitter
Poor Nadia’s Nanny Thelma passed away last month (Credit: Nadia Sawalha/Twitter)

But back in October, viewers were left surprised by quite HOW close the two ladies are.

During a discussion about X-rated wedding photos, Nadia dropped to her knees and pulled out a gummy ring.

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She then asked her co-star: “When we’re 70 – because you’re so brilliant at washing up and I’m such a fabulous cook, will you marry me?”

Kaye accepted, before joking: “Nadia, I never thought I’d say this to another woman, but can I eat your ring?”