Joanne Lees in Murder in the Outback

Murder in the Outback: Channel 4 slammed over ‘nasty’ documentary

Not everyone enjoyed it

A number of TV viewers were unimpressed with the opening episode of new documentary series Murder in the Outback, with some branding it ‘nasty’ and others calling the Channel 4 documentary ‘morally bankrupt’.

The first episode of the four-part programme aired last night (Sunday, June 7), taking viewers back to the case surrounding the killing of British backpacker Peter Falconio.

What did viewers take issue with?

Murder in the Outback
Viewers have slammed Channel 4 over its documentary, Murder in the Outback (Credit: Channel 4)

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Some viewers at home have accused the show of “sensationalising” the killing – particularly for the way it seems to cast doubt on the testimony of Joanna Lees, Peter’s girlfriend, and the conviction of killer Bradley Murdoch.

Joanne Lees in Murder in the Outback
Some branded it “nasty” and “sensationalist” (Credit: Channel 4)

One viewer tweeted: “Morally bankrupt documentary making, @channel4 are a disgrace. They are close to becoming irrelevant #murderintheoutback.”

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Another wrote on Twitter: “So #murderintheoutback @Channel4 was a nasty, sensationalist view of the Lees and Falconio case. So much proof against Murdoch but her unwillingness to speak to the media means she was complicit? I expect better from C4 than to buy in this cheap Aussie doc.”

Morally bankrupt.

A third said: “Well, #murderintheoutback pt1 was one of worst attempts at a ‘rough justice’ documentary I’ve ever seen. Not a single shred of credible evidence/doubt to undermine conviction of Murdoch. Just two hopeless amateur sleuths, inc a convicted criminal, and a forgetful truck driver.”

Channel 4’s response

ED! contacted Channel 4 and a spokesperson for Murder in the Outback told us: “Channel 4 has a remit to deliver high quality documentary programmes and a track record for investigative journalism.

“This series investigates many aspects of the Falconio case, which has remained in public consciousness for almost 20 years. The programme has been complied in accordance with the Ofcom Broadcasting Code and Channel 4’s own strict guidelines.”

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Not everyone came away with a negative view of the documentary, though. Some admitted to binge watching more episodes of the series, which is available to stream on All4.

‘Fantastic’ programme

“@Channel4 I somehow ended up going to bed at 5am after watching three episodes of fantastic programme #MurderInTheOutback,” admitted one, adding: “Going to finish it later. #channel4 #PeterFalconie #Falconie.”

“Binge watched #MurderInTheOutback,” confessed another. “No spoilers for those who have yet to catch up. But, I found it very interesting and it raised a few questions. Sadly, I can’t see Peters family ever getting closure on where he is, alive or dead depending on your viewpoint.”

– Episode three airs tomorrow (Tuesday, June 9) evening. The programme concludes on Wednesday (June 10). All episodes are available to watch now on Channel 4‘s streaming platform, All 4.

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