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Motherland series three on BBC Two: Who is in the cast alongside guest star Joanna Lumley?

Ab Fab star joins the show as Amanda's "poisonous mother"

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Motherland returns – yah! – with a third series this week – and a very special guest star – but who is in the Motherland cast?

And where have you seen them before?

Here’s everything you need to know about Motherland’s third run.

The Motherland cast return for a third series and not soon enough! (credit: BBC Two)
The Motherland cast return for a third series and not soon enough! (credit: BBC Two)

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Motherland cast: Anna Maxwell Martin plays Julia

Anna Maxwell Martin, 43, plays stressed-out working mum Julia, whose husband Paul (played by Oliver Crisp) is noticeably ever-absent.

She’s borderline shambolic, and leans heavily on her fellow school parents.

In series three, Julia is caring for her ailing mum Marion (Ellie Haddington) who is now living with her.

The role is quite a contrast to Anna’s Line of Duty character DCS Patricia Carmichael!

Anna played the hard-nosed character in series five and six of the BBC One series.

She’s also known for portraying Kelly Major in Code 404, Mary Shelley in The Frankenstein Chronicles and Janine in The Lost Honour of Christopher Jeffries.

Frankly, if Anna’s in it, we want to watch it.

Anna Maxwell-Martin as Julia and Diane Morgan as Liz in Motherland (Credit: BBC Two)
Anna Maxwell Martin as Julia and Diane Morgan as Liz in Motherland (Credit: BBC Two)

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Motherland cast: Diane Morgan portrays Liz

Diane Morgan portrays kamikaze parent and heavy drinking Liz.

As series three begins, the languid single mum is considering getting a job.

Actress and comedian Diane, 45, has appeared as Talia in Mount Pleasant, Gina in Him & Her, and Mandy in Rovers.

She portrayed Philomena Cunk in Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe, which spawned its own series Cunk on Shakespeare, Cunk on Christmas, and Cunk on Britain.

She also stars in Netflix’s After Life as Kath.

Paul Ready as Kevin in Motherland (Credit: BBC One)
Paul Ready as Kevin in Motherland (Credit: BBC One)

Motherland cast: Paul Ready is Kevin

Paul Ready is stay-at-home dad Kevin, ever keen to please and do the right thing – although it often goes horrible wrong for him.

Birmingham-born Paul, 44, recently portrayed Henry Goodsir in The Terror (where he got eaten by cannibals).

He also portrayed Nick Caplan in MotherFatherSon, Rob in Bodyguard, and Mark Devlin in Fortitude.

Viewers who have only seen him play simpering Kevin in Motherland might want to check out his chilling performance as Lee in Utopia.

Netflix subscribers can also see actor Paul as James Reid Moir in the film The Dig.

Tanya Moodie portrays Meg

Tanya Moodie portrays Meg in the BBC Two comedy series Motherland.

Meg joined the group of mums in season two of the comedy but quickly became the biggest character of them all.

She can be brutally honest with others and parties hard whenever she’s able to!

Actress Tanya, 48, is best known for playing Agatha Wilson in A Discovery of Witches, Catherine McKenzie in Tin Star and Sue Cole in The Feed.

She also popped up as Ella in Sherlock.

Lucy Punch as Amanda and Tanya Moodie as Meg in Motherland (Credit: BBC One)
Lucy Punch as Amanda and Tanya Moodie as Meg in Motherland (Credit: BBC One)

Phillippa Dunne is Anne

Oh Anne! We’d feel sorry for how often she is ignored and dismissed if it wasn’t so funny!

The character is more Amanda’s slave and mental punching bag than a friend to any of the mums.

In real life, actress Phillippa Dunna is known for her role as Mrs Haplisch in The Nevers, Geraldine Devlin in Derry Girls, and Eunice Lordan in The School.

Lucy Punch plays Amanda

Lucy Punch’s Amanda is a horrifying snob, who treats all of those around her like her personal assistants.

However, viewers have begun to suspect that her mighty ego might actually be hiding something more fragile.

Still, she’s the character we all love to hate – as do her fellow school mums.

Lucy, 43, portrays Jo in Sky One’s new comedy Bloods, and has previously starred as Esmé Squalor in A Series of Unfortunate Events the TV series.

She’s also known for her roles in films such as Into the Woods, Bad Teacher and Ella Enchanted.

Joanna Lumley joins the cast of Motherland (Credit: BBC One)
Joanna Lumley joins the cast of Motherland (Credit: BBC One)

Joanna Lumley joins the cast as Amanda’s mum

In an inspired bit of casting, Joanna joins the cast of Motherland as the “poisonous mother” to the insufferable snob Amanda.

Joanna says: “I have played Lucy Punch’s mother before, in the film Ella Enchanted, so it was a special treat to pitch up again as another fairly poisonous parent in Motherland.

“Although I was only in for a day it was the greatest fun to be with that dangerously talented cast.”

Of course, Joanna is famous for her role as Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous.

She’s also known for playing Elaine Perkins in Corrie, Purdey in The New Avengers and Vivienne Roden in Mistresses.

Most recently, she played Sarah in Finding Alice, opposite Keeley Hawes.

Meanwhile, Jackie Clune continues to portray Mrs Lamb in the comedy series.

Motherland starts on Monday May 10 2021 at 9pm on BBC Two.

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