Motherland QUIZ: Which mum are you?

Motherland QUIZ: Which mum are you?

Are you a Julia, a Liz or an Amanda?

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Motherland returned for a third series to great acclaim earlier this month – but which character are you most like? Take our Motherland quiz to find out!

Currently in the midst of a run of six new episodes, Motherland fans love the BBC comedy starring Anna Maxwell Martin.

But while many of us may identify with the chaos her character Julia endures, others may aspire to being an Alpha Mum…

Motherland series four
Are you more like Julia or Liz? Find out with our Motherland quiz (Credit: BBC)

Motherland quiz question 1: What would you consider an organisational statement of success?

A) Getting the kids to school with both them and yourself in one piece.

B) Everything, including your kitchen cork board.

C) Letting the kids do whatever they want, whether they end up in one piece or not.

Question 2: What are the essentials for a children’s party?

A) Enough food and drink for the kids attending – but not for their mums, too – and a disappointing cat-act-based entertainer.

B) Everything, but it is much more fun to snipe at others’ weak efforts from the sidelines.

C) Air is a necessity, you suppose. What else do kids need? Maybe booze in the punch?

Fancy yourself as an Alpha Mum? (Credit: BBC)

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Question 3: How do you resolve arguments?

A) By trying to keep the peace by taking everybody’s point of view and putting everyone else first.

B) Your children don’t argue. You don’t argue. You’re always in the right.

C) Let them burn out, like a wildfire.

Question 4: What’s your position on gentrification?

A) I’ve got a million plates to keep spinning, can we do this another time?

B) In favour, of course.

C) You’ll never take my kebab shops or me alive.

Motherland BBC
Motherland started airing in 2016 (Credit: BBC)

Question 5: What is the dress code for your annual Christmas soiree?

A) Why do there have to be so many costumes, for everything?!

B) Tinsel and tiaras.

C) As you are.

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Question 6: How do you handle a nit outbreak?

A) By addressing the ‘granny’ requirements, too. This basically means asking mother to move out, right?

B) You’ve never actually had nits.

C) Are we done here?

So which Motherland mum are you?

Mostly As – Well done, you’re Julia. Aren’t we all Julia?

Generally Bs – So very Amanda.

Mostly Cs – Liz. Whatever.

– The second episode of Motherland series 3 airs on BBC2, tonight (Monday May 17) at 9pm. Motherland series 3 can be watched in its entirety on BBC iPlayer now.

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