Fran with the watch on Million Pound Pawn

Million Pound Pawn viewers fear single mum raising money for disabled son’s treatment was ‘ripped off’

Her son, now a teenager, was born with a large tumour

A watch on Million Pound Pawn fetched thousands last night, but the price mum Fran got for it divided viewers.

During the first episode of the new ITV series, aired on Tuesday (February 23), single mum Fran needed to sell some of her belongings to pay for her disabled son’s treatment.

Mum Frank brought in a valuable watch on Million Pound Pawn (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Million Pound Pawn?

He weighed just 3lbs when he was born and had a tumour that weighed 6lbs. At the time, doctors worried he would die before he reached the age of seven.

Fran said on the programme: “It’s been so tough for him. Now he’s 16, I can get help for him. That help needs to be soon or I will lose him.”

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She needed to pay for him to see a nerve specialist.

Fran lived a wealthy life when she was married to a businessman, but she had a hard time after they divorced looking after their disabled boy.

She needed to pay for her disabled son’s treatment (Credit: ITV)

Fran’s incredibly expensive watch on Million Pound Pawn

She hoped to give him a better quality of life by selling off a watch she got from an uncle, as well as some diamond earrings.

Pawnbroker Dan said of the watch, a rare Patek Philippe model: “I had to find out if it was real… thankfully this is a real Patek Philippe.

This is life-changing for me because it’s going to help my son.

“It’s actually a special model, they’ve only made a few thousand of these.”

He offered her £85k for it and Fran was over the moon.

“I just can’t believe it,” she said. “Yes we do [have a deal].”

She also got £70k for the earrings, bringing the total to £155k.

Fran got thousands for the watch on Million Pound Pawn (Credit: ITV)

What did ITV viewers say?

On Twitter, the amount she earned for the watch divided viewers.

One said: “Glad that lady got the money she needed”, but added that they felt she got “shafted” over the watch.

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A second tweeted, “She should’ve taken it to auction herself” and called the price a “rip off”.

A third said: “She’s been had. The watch is worth millions #MillionPoundPawn.”

A fourth claimed it looked “identical” to one “sold for 3.3m dirhams [currency of the UAE] or £636,641.52”.

ED! contacted ITV for comment.

However, others were happy for Fran.

One emotional viewer said: “Anyone else crying at Fran on #millionpoundpawn?”

Someone else wrote: “#millionpoundpawn I loved Fran, I’m pleased she got what she needed to help her son.”

Another put: “Made up for Fran, £155k, life-changing for her and her boy #Millionpoundpawn.”

Fran was so happy as she came away from the pawnbrokers.

She told the camera: “This is life-changing for me because it’s going to help my son.”

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