Michelle Keegan reveals the toll Our Girl took on her body

Her role as Army medic Georgie Lane is physically demanding

Michelle Keegan is a fitness fanatic, but even she struggled with filming some of the scenes for Our Girl.

“We have done a lot of explosions and I’ve done the occasional stunt, and I bruise like a peach so my body is bruised from head to toe,” she revealed on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 breakfast show.

She had to carry a heavy bag for her role as Georgie Lane. “It weighs 50kg,” she said, revealing that was the same as her body weight.

“So it’s me, on me! I can carry myself on my back. I have to wear it on my back and I have to walk and run with it on my back. It’s ridiculous.

“Not only that, it’s the uniform, the heavy boots and it’s hard work,” she added. “But I can eat what I want which is good for me because I love my food.

“My favourite cake was rice cakes – you don’t understand it was so good like rice cakes with hummus and avocado. It was BBC catering.”

Michelle spent seven months filming the series in Nepal, Malaysia and South Africa.

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Filming also meant being apart from her husband Mark, who has landed a role as a presenter on Extra TV in the US.

There has been speculation that the time apart put their relationship under strain.

“People thought, ‘How can a marriage survive when they’re away?’ she told Nick Grimshaw. “But this year people are used to it, they understand it’s a job. We do have FaceTime guys!”

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Mark is supportive of his wife, writing a post on Instagram to remind people about Michelle’s upcoming series.

“Finally it’s here!!” he wrote. “This little one’s hard work will all seem worth while [sic]. So proud of you @michkeegan.”

On screen, Michelle has had a love-interest, Elvis, played by Luke Pasqualino.

“Georgie and Elvis have a bust-up this series,” she said. “There’s a lot of frustration and a lot of jealous.”

Luke is also full of praise for Michelle. He said: “She knows everyone’s name on set and is a complete pro.”