Michael McIntyre's The Wheel

Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel divides BBC viewers as some ‘feel sick’

The show started last night on BBC One

Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel started last night and viewers were divided over the new BBC One game show.

The comedian’s new programme, which got underway on Saturday (November 28) evening, sees contestants trying to answer questions for a cash prize with the help of celebrities.

The Wheel started last night (Credit: Hungry Bear/ Gary Moyes/ BBC)

How does the game work in Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel?

Host Michael McIntyre explained: “There are three contestants on the contestant wheel, under the main wheel.

“The contestant wheel is spun, and whoever lands in the middle of the main wheel is selected and they rise up.

On Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel, three contestants compete for a cash prize (Credit: Hungry Bear/ Gary Moyes/ BBC)

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“The idea is for them to stay on the wheel and keep answering questions until the end, where they can win big money. If they get a question wrong, they slip back onto the contestant wheel, and [it spins] again.”

Their aim is to correctly answer questions across seven categories and a final question that will allow them to take home their cash prize.

Dermot O’Leary, one of the celeb guests on Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel (Credit: Hungry Bear/ Gary Moyes/ BBC)

What did BBC viewers think of The Wheel?

On Twitter, however, a number of viewers complained that the programme left them feeling dizzy and nauseated due to all the spinning.

One said: “Watched 15 mins, felt motion sick, turned off. Utter crap. #TheWheel.”

Two minutes into The Wheel and I’m feeling dizzy and a bit sick.

Another said: “#TheWheel is a great premise but it’s making me feel travel sick.”

A third tweeted: “It’s making me feel sick #TheWheel.”

A fourth said: “#TheWheel I’m getting travel sick, can’t watch that bit.”

“Two minutes into The Wheel and I’m feeling dizzy and a bit sick,” wrote a fifth.

Some turn off new Michael McIntyre show

Others branded the show “vapid” and “rubbish”.

“#TheWheel you just know this will be a pile of [bleep],” said one, adding: “Time to turn over.”

“We’ve decided to switch off and watch our recordings of The Chase, #TheWheel is such a fail,” said another. “Sucks cos I like a bit of the McIntyre.”

“Bit slow ain’t it?” said a third. “Switch over time #Thewheel.”

Someone else tweeted: “Absolute rubbish, please make it stop #TheWheel.”

Another wrote: “#TheWheel is an hour (felt like 24) of vapid, boring, padded-out televisual junk which I will probably need years of counselling to get over.”

BBC viewers hail ‘hilarious’ new show The Wheel

However, some enjoyed the celebs’ antics, hailing the show as “hilarious”.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Michael Mcintyre’s new gameshow The Wheel is hilarious! Reminds me of the classic gameshow on ITV, Wheel of Fortune! #TheWheel #michaelmcintyre Love the Danger Zone bit. TV cheese but we love it.”

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Another echoed that, writing: “Just finished watching #TheWheel and it was a great watch, better than I expected. Never realised how funny #MichaelMcintyre was.”

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