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Max Branning returns to EastEnders to drop a HUGE bombshell

But will anyone be pleased to see him?

It has been revealed that Max Branning is heading back to Albert Square next week – but of course, he isn’t going to arrive quietly, because he’s got a big revelation to share.

Max hasn’t been seen on screen since daughter Abi’s funeral in February – and it’s probably fair to say that precisely no one in Walford has missed him.

Troubled Max hasn’t been seen since February (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders’ huge Christmas storyline saw unhinged Max, played by Jake Wood, hit rock bottom after being double crossed by the Willmott Browns – leading to him climbing to the roof of the Queen Vic and consider taking his own life.

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Daughters Lauren and Abi both followed to stop their dad following in their half brother Bradley’s footsteps and plunging to his death.

Fans will know that while Max remained unscathed from the rooftop drama, Abi and Lauren both lost their footing – causing them to fall from the roof.

Max is still grieving for daughter Abi – and now has her baby daughter to look after (Credit: BBC)

While Lauren remained remarkably unscathed for someone who had fallen from a pub roof, sadly the same couldn’t be said for pregnant Abi and she never regained consciousness.

Max disappeared after Abi’s funeral – but he hasn’t been putting his feet up since he’s been away…

Max comes back to the Square next week with a huge revelation – he’s now the proud owner of the car lot. News that won’t make rival Phil Mitchell happy at all.

Max is the proud new owner of the car lot (Credit: BBC)

A source apparently told The Mirror: “Max is the last person everyone wants to see and he’s going to stir up trouble straight away.

“He’s adamant he’s turned over a new leaf but people have heard this all before so no one believes him.”

As regular viewers will know, Phil likes to have his hand in pretty much every business he can in Walford, so he isn’t going to take kindly to Max setting up shop across the road…

“Phil is on the warpath when he learns Max now has the car lot.

Last time Max and Phil saw each other, they weren’t exactly best friends! (Credit: BBC)

“He’s furious and reignites his war with Max, wanting him gone for good. He’s determined to find a way to get the car lot back but Max is equally determined to hang on to it.”

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After Phil let Max go to prison after being wrongly accused of Lucy Beale’s murder, it looks like there could be a new height of rivalry between the two Walford men.

Let the battle commence!

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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