Maura Higgins turned down Dancing With The Stars for Dancing on Ice

Her boyfriend Curtis Pritchard is a dancer on the show

Maura Higgins of Love Island fame could have been a potential glitterball trophy winner, but instead she’ll be heading for the ice rink early next year.

Maura has revealed that she turned down Ireland’s version of Strictly – Dancing With the Stars – to appear on Dancing on Ice.

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The 28-year-old Boohoo ambassador revealed her decision at an event for the fast fashion brand earlier this week.

“I was asked to give them a call but you know what, so many things have come around and I can’t take everything can I?

“I’m only human, I can only do so much. I’m happy I’m doing Dancing on Ice,” Maura told the press at the event.

Her Love Island boyfriend, Curtis Pritchard, has served as a professional dancer on the last two seasons of Ireland’s Dancing with the Stars.

He will be filming the next series in January, the same time that Dancing on Ice typically launches.

But Maura added that working in different countries won’t affect her relationship with Curtis.

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“He’s very supportive. I don’t think it’s going to be hard. We’re both busy but we both make time to see each other.

“I’m not finding it hard and he’s not finding it hard, we see each other when we can and things are really good.

“If you love someone you make time for them and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” she said.

Curtis was noticeably absent at the said Boohoo event, and was instead seen at the press launch of Thorpe Park’s Fright Night.

Are Maura and Curtis the real deal? (Credit: ITV)

And while the couple have made a handful of public appearances together, they have yet to officially label their relationship.

During a This Morning appearance earlier this momth Curtis revealed he still hadn’t asked her to be his girlfriend:

“I’m really happy to see where this is going. I haven’t asked her to be my girlfriend, I’m not going to do it on TV. I’m really old-fashioned.

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“It’s 2019, nobody needs to label anything, but my goal in life is to be happy and this girl makes me happy so everything’s perfect right now,” he told Phil and Holly.

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