Mary Berry branded “pure filth” by viewers of new solo series

But is the former Bake Off queen really 'saucier than Nigella'?

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There’s no denying, as the woman that served up soggy bottoms to the telly-watching nation, that Mary Berry is fond of an innuendo or two.

The cheekiness she has become famous for, however, was usually delivered in the company of the wink-winkisome Mel and Sue and not aimed in the direction of, say, Paul Hollywood.

During last night’s opening episode of the new series of Classic Mary Berry however, the dynamic had changed. Her guest was hunky Swedish chef Niklas Ekstedt, who found nearly everything Mary said completely hilarious.

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Niklas was having a rare old time with Mary (Credit: BBC)

At 39, he is less than half Mary’s age. And for many viewers – whether they were joking or not – the age gap between an elder woman and a younger man seemed to be somehow less palatable than if the difference went the other way.

There was certainly a recurrent theme in Twitter reactions, too.

One viewer even wondered whether Mazza’s show should have been shunted into a later slot.

But what had spilled out of Mary’s mouth to deserve such a reaction? Had the former Bake Off boss progressed from double entendres to, erm, treble entendres? Quadruple entendres? Whatever-five-times-is entendres?

Not quite. Although “I like a little bit of sauce” was definitely flirtation of a fashion.

And her suggestion “It’s a long time since I’ve had a man on his knees in front of me” as Niklas built a fire was also rather suggestive. 

But was it “pure filth”? According to one observer, Mary is saucier than Nigella!

Bizarrely, that wasn’t the end of the risqué exchanges, with Mary going on to suggest she may even enjoy being whipped after the pair mucked around with some branches.

Niklas explained: “These leaves, this is what we use in the sauna to whip each other.” 

“Oh, that sounds exciting. How do you do it then?” Mary enquired.

Mary and Niklas’ eyes meet as she whacks him with a branch (Credit: BBC)

After burst of thrashing, she joked: “I think I’m coming to Sweden.”

How will she top all that next week?

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Classic Mary Berry is on BBC One, Mondays at 8.30pm.

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